Firing Up Your Craft Spirit and Wine Sales

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Full link here: http://learnatcentral.org/craft-distilling-institute/professional-workshops-seminars/firing-up-your-craft-spirit-and-wine-sales/

Class Overview

Firing Up Your Craft Spirit and Wine Sales | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

All brands go through four major phases, and how you navigate through these phases will determine your staying power and the legacy of your brand. Amp up your craft spirit and wine sales during this expert-driven panel discussion.

Knowledge is power, and this class is packed with real-world, useful knowledge for the spirits and wine business.

Learn how to bring your craft spirit or wine to market within the 3-tier system of distributors, retailers and bartenders, understand how to choose distributors and get tips on building effective long-term relationships with them.

If your brand is ready to grow and you want to speak with the people that can help you facilitate an increase in your craft spirit and wine sales, join Chip Sellarole and a panel of experts (including Nathan Weber, Spirits Portfolio Manager for Vinum Importing and Distribution, and Brian Snyder, Director of Spirits & Distributor Networks for Click Wholesale Distributors) as they help you navigate the world of craft spirit distribution.

During this panel, we'll cover the following topics:

  • How to prepare your brand for self-distribution in the Washington market
  • How to prepare your brand for entering into the 3- tier system
  • How to build and manage your brand
  • Navigating the twists, dips and turns of the 3-tier system
  • When and how to choose a distributor
  • Creating healthy distributor relationships
  • Getting out of your sales rut
  • Q&A panel discussion with key players in the 3- tier system

Learning Outcomes

  • Speak with decision makers to learn about what they need from craft distilleries and wineries
  • Gain insight into the 3-tiers of the industry -- distribution, retailers and bartenders
  • Discuss real-world strategies for growing your business

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Established spirit and winery brands seeking to grow their existing business
  • Startups that want actionable advice on marketing their wine and spirits
  • Dreamers thinking of getting into the craft distillery or winery business

Session Details

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