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review of tax and license proposals

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OK bear with me here I'm a little groggy from too much r/d work last night.

this a review of the meeting minutes from 2-16-16.

First I don't think we need the WA restaurant association or the retailers behind us, let them worry about their own industry. Besides if I remember correctly they have oposed us on other issues (who was aposed to the cocktails and 17%)?

Lower taxes- We need to give up on the revenue neutral crap. It's a waste of time and money with a variable budget for the state. Reduce the liquor sales tax and base the liter tax on volume. You watch their will plenty of other bills passed this year by other industries that are NOT revenue neutral. I'll bet a bottle on it.

One license- If the LCB is convinced that a single license is better, then let them do it to one of the other alcohol industries first. If it's such a good idea than it should work with either the winery or brewery industry as well.let them experiment with an already established industry.

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