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General Membership meeting Tue, Feb 16, 2016 @ Copperworks

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Just a quick reminder about  tomorrow’s general membership meeting a Copperworks Distilling Co., Feburary 16th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. for members, 7:00 p.m. for non-members.


  1. Legislative update
    1. HB-3677.1 lifecycle. Where the ideas came from. Why we joined them all into one bill. Why we didn't get feedback earlier. Why we pulled the bill. What we learned.
    2. HB-2701. We learned about it from Jim. WWI was willing to include us, but not at first. Bill didn't make it out of committee. We’ll discuss why.
    3. House Bill 1290: Increasing the number of tasting rooms allowed under a domestic winery license. Why we need to be included.
  2. Shipping direct to customers – current situation.
  3. 2016 budget and what we want to spend it on
  4. Selling futures – a great marketing opportunity, done right
  5. TTB Class - Deadline for registration is Feb 26.
  6. Collaborations across distilleries, like the Four Kings whiskey product.
  7. GSB legal offers help to members
  8. ACSA meeting - what do you want to push for federally? FET and shipping?
  9. WDG updates:
    1. Hiring staff for WDG
    2. Dues - moving to January in 2017
    3. PROOF 2016 - Varsity contract signed.
    4. Newsletter for everyone on your team
    5. Forum software updated

Hope to see you there! (For directions and parking info, click here.)

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