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Hello all paid Washington Distillers Guild members-

We are now accepting nominations for 2016 Washington Distillers Guild Members. Each DSP has one vote. Polls close 14 days since our Nov. 17th meeting, which is Dec. 14th.

Please reply to this topic with your nominations & votes. Please encourage other paid members to also cast vote.

An example:

One distillery nominates Joe Smith.

Another distillery will respond by voting for Joe Smith, or nominating someone of their choosing.

A few rules about voting from our bylaws (see full bylaws attached):

Article 4: Representation

1. Voting Rights:

For the purposes of voting for the Board of

Directors and its officers or any other official Guild business, each

Regular Member shall have one vote. Only active members in

good standing, or their representatives, are entitled to cast votes

in matters of the Guild.

2. Nominations for Board of Directors Positions:

Nominations may be submitted any time following the start of the annual

general membership meeting and will be closed 14 days following

the annual general membership meeting. There shall be no more

than one individual representative nominated per distilling

organization. Any Regular Member shall have the right to

nominate a candidate, including him or herself.

3. Election to the Board of Directors:

Voting for the Board of Directors will begin following the close of nominations and will last

14 days. Voting will occur via secure electronic means (email or WDG Forum). In the

event of a tie, a coin flip will decide the election.

4. Vacancies: If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the

Vice President shall serve as President for the remainder of the

term. Vacancy in the office of Vice President, Treasurer,

Secretary, or a non-officer Director position shall be filled for the

balance of the unexpired term by nominee(s) submitted by the

President and approved by the Board of Directors.

Washington Distillers Guild Bylaws - Approved (2).pdf

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Jason Parker has done a fantastic job as President of the WDG this last year.

I nominate him to continue as President for 2016.

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Holly Robinson is also an amazing asset to the Guild as Vice President.

I would like to nominate her to continue as Vice President for 2016.

Paco Joyce

Seattle Distilling

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Hello folks, and thanks for your input. We've had several conversations and recommendations, online and in person. The election will open tomorrow for all four Officer positions. Here is the list of everyone who we've heard from who would like to be considered for the 2016 WDG Officer Positions:

  • Jason Parker - President
  • Holly Robinson - Vice President
  • Steven Stone - Treasurer
  • Paco Joyce - Secretary

In addition, John Bourdon, Skip Tognetti, and Daleen Steichen would like to remain on the board. Once elected, the new officers will make decisions for the remaining seats on the board.

Look for an email in your inbox soon with instructions on how to vote.


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2 Loons Distillery Nominates

Jason Parker - President

Holly Robinson - Vice President

Paco Joyce - Secretary

Steven Stone - Treasurer

Carry on! Cheers

Greg and Trish

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