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Federal Excise Tax Reduction Discussion w/ representative from Sen Murray's Office

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When: Monday, September 21st

Time: 6:00pm at 2bar Spirits

Provided: We will have appetizers and drinks

Invited: All WA State distilleries

RSVP: "FETdiscussion (at) 2barSpirits.com"

The FET is a huge cost that all of us bear and hopefully we can engage with Senators Murray and Cantwell, in addition to our Representatives to reduce this huge cost on our businesses. As WA hosts the largest number of distilleries in the state, we should have our Federal representatives onboard with this legislation.

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Hello WA Distillers,

Senator Murray would be a great champion for the national FET reduction effort. And according to Jessica Tousignant from Sun Liquor, she has been showing significant interest in our plight. So this is a really important meeting!

To help Senator Murray understand how much this means in real terms, please email Jessica (jessica@sunliquor.com) a PDF of a letter (on your letterhead) explaining what you would do with the saved tax money you could dedicate elsewhere. Examples of things you might use the money for include: expanding your production, hiring more employees, paying off loans for equipment/space, etc. Jessica will forward your letters to Senator Murray's office, as well as to the offices of Sen. Smith, Cantwell, and Reichert, and will include a call to action for them to get behind the bills aimed to lower FET for small distilleries.

The more we can help Senator Murray understand how important this is to us, the better the chance she'll champion the cause. As you know, Washington state has more distilleries than anywhere else in the U.S., AND we pay the highest state spirit tax in the country. Add to that the $15/hr minimum wage in Seattle, and it's obvious we can all use some help.

Thank you for taking 60 minutes to potentially save your distillery $20K to $1MM a year. From that perspective, writing this letter is almost certainly the most profitable use of your time.


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