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2014 Call for Membership

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Hello to all our current, former, and future members!

As you almost certainly know, Washington is now running away with the title as the largest distilling community in the U.S. Currently, our state has:

  • 87 licensed Craft Distilleries
  • 33 pending Craft Distillery licenses
  • 18 licensed Distiller/Rectifiers
  • 4 pending Distiller/Rectifiers

That means that we have 105 distilleries and another 37 pending! Crazy, but true.

With the growth of this local industry comes a growing responsibility to make sure that it flourishes. That is where the Washington Distillers Guild comes in. And that's where your membership dollars can help us continue to make the reforms and do the promotion that we need.

Dues for 2014 will continue to be $200.

To re-new or sign up as a new member, you can use one of the following methods:


Send a check (payable to Washington Distillers Guild) to:

Washington Distillers Guild

c/o Skip Tognetti

9727 45th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115

What do you get for those dues?


Over the past year-plus, the WDG has accomplished quite a number of positive things for its member distilleries, including...

  • The introduction and passage of Senate Bill 6226, which removed sales limits from tasting rooms, allowed distilleries to charge a sampling fee, allowed all distilleries to contract distill, and increased the proof-gallon limit for craft distilleries, among other things. Your dollars allowed us to enlist experienced lobbyists to help make this happen.
  • Wrote and adopted a comprehensive set of organizational by-laws.
  • Developed a visual brand for the WDG and launched a new website.
  • Organized and executed "Proof," the signature event for the WDG and the premier distillery tasting event in the state (as well as one of the largest in the country).
  • Helped bring the American Distilling Institute annual conference to Seattle, which we also co-sponsored. This was a GREAT showcase for what we're doing in this state.


So, what's next? Lots!

The Guild will continue to promote the industry. Some things that our membership has told us are priorities:

  • Further legislative change, including tax reform at the state and federal levels. We've built some momentum and set the table for more change, but there's LOTS to do.
  • Marketing! Including...
  • Development of an online and printed map of Washington distilleries (perhaps an app?)
  • Growth of Proof as our flagship event
  • A distillery "passport"
  • Continued strengthening of the "Made in WA" brand for spirits
  • Much more...

To do these things, we need the voices and backing of our members.

Thanks. We look forward to another successful year!


Steven Stone, President

Jeff Steichen, Vice President

Jason Parker, Secretary

Skip Tognetti, Treasurer

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Skip, et al.,

I was wondering if there were possibly a way for me, as a vendor (Insurance and bonding) to possibly either become a PAID MEMBER (but without a DSP I don't know if that is possible with your organization) or at least make a contribution to the guild. I whole heartedly support your guild and would like to give back for all of the accounts I have written for Washington Distillers, etc. Do either let me know via the forums, a PM or give me a call or text on my cell phone at 307-752-5961. I hope everyone has a great long weekend.

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