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I have fallen into poor health. I need someone to take over and run Eagle Cliffs Distillery. I am offering a generous share of founder equity in exchange for your time and labor.

We have all permits. The facility is in place. We need to run in all equipment, develop a recipe, and get federal approval of our label; then we can begin sales.

Developing the recipe may not be a minor issue. Eagle Cliffs Distillery aspires to be the best craft distillery in the U.S. To start, we are developing a potato vodka of the highest standard we can achieve. If our product quality meets intent, we will sell at around $15 per bottle, which would place the retail price at about $30 per bottle before retail taxes. That will give us a throughput of about $10 per bottle. (Throughput is a term first coined by Eliyahu Goldratt in his Theory of Constraints.) To achieve such quality will require substantial effort. I have developed two patentable improvements to the refracting column in order to enhance that process. I have about 25 years experience as a mechanical engineer developing proprietary production equipment and I have had some exceptional results, so I have the track record to believe that these improvements will be successful.

We have a major national distributor who is extremely excited about our marketing plan and eager to taste our product. They have indicated that they will work with us to promote our product in alignment with our marketing plan and believe it will be extremely successful.

The business is fully funded. It is set to run in the black from the first month forward. My career of 40 years has been spent starting up and running small businesses. I have spent the last 20 years developing a new business model for entrepreneurship, and I have spent the last 5 years investigating this industry, developing the business plan for this distillery, and getting the facility set up. With the right person in charge we should hit $200,000 in sales and begin paying salaries before the end of the first year.

The distillery is located in Longview, WA and cannot be relocated for the first few months of operation. However, the new CEO will have primary discretion of siting the distillery and could plan to relocate it to his/her preferred location as soon as possible.

I should have done this months ago, but held out hope that my health would improve and let me proceed. The facility is sitting idle. I will fill the position as quickly as possible. If you have been investigating this industry and trying to figure out how you could get your own distillery up and running. If you think you have the dedication, the work ethic, and the skills to lead a manufacturing business. If you have the ability to study and learn a new, unique and superior business model, and the drive to create the best craft distillery business in the U.S. this could be your opportunity. If you are interested, please contact me with your resume and cover letter explaining why you should become the CEO. Any familiarity with TOC should be mentioned, as that will help with the business model training, though this is business model is not TOC as taught by the Goldratt Institute.

If you have investigated this industry carefully, you should know that well over 80% of all craft distillery start-ups fail. I know of several in Oregon that still have the doors open but can't generate enough sales to develop a well-financed marketing plan or pay decent salaries. They are not generating profits that compensate for the time, money, and effort put in by the founders. That is not success by my standards either. This distillery is poised to have a fully-financed marketing plan from day one. Growth should be steady, rapid and substantial.

In addition, there are other fundamental issues that most business start-ups fail to successfully address. I have spent 20 years of research and study itemizing and resolving all of them. I have tested my solutions on real businesses, both my own and others. I believe I have a business plan that will make the Eagle Cliffs Distillery brand name, Exalt, the premier label for craft distilled liquor. Plans call for eventually producing and selling a complete liquor line nation-wide. Financial rewards should exceed any expectations you have been harboring.

I will be glad to address any questions you may have.

John Koehler, Chairman

Koehler Enterprises, Inc.

dba Eagle Cliffs Distillery

160 Whitewater Road

Longview, WA 98632

360 261-0390

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Hello John,

I am sorry to hear about your health issues, I have watched your progress & have looked forward to coming down to Longview and seeing your place and meeting you. I wish you the best and that your challenges will be overcome-able.

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