Steven Stone

February 12, 2012 Guild Meeting

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I know there are at least two conflicts for this next Sunday's meeting. So that we can get a headcount, would you let me know if your planning on being there by posting here or sending me an email. Thanks, Steven - steven at

Sunday 2/12/2012,

6pm - DSP & Committee Members Only (Unless otherwise approved by the Board)

7pm - Open to the broader Guild membership and public

Oola Distillery

1314 East Union

Seattle, WA 98122


* Report out by Subcommittees

Acknowledge Vote and Ratify By-laws

Forming as 501c(6)

Distributor and Distribution Analysis

Promotions and Event Planning



* Report on action items from last time

* 1183 Discussion and News

* LCB Meeting for WA Distillers follow-up

* Open doors to public

- Bruni Glass

- Northwest Distillers Guild

- Haggen Supermarkets (rescheduled for 3/11)

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We need to do a better job of making sure that only the folks with the proper credentials are at the first half of the meeting.

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OK, that's plenty of interest to go forward with the meeting. Thanks for the replies!

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