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Found 1 result

  1. Spokane Clean air questions

    Hello All, I am in the process of opening a distillery in Spokane and was asked by Spokane valley permitting office to check with Spokane Clean Air to see if they would require extra permits. Below is a list of questions I received. I expected questions about the boiler and maybe grain processing but was surprised about the rest of the questions. Also this seems to be a first time for them from talking to them and I am being used as a test case so I am a little worried. Anyone have experience like this or have some input? What will the maximum production capacity be per year. What will the final product will be ~ 80 – 100 proof (i.e., 40 – 50% ethanol by weight). What will the maximum expected conversion of the grains to starch. What will the he feed grains for the process will be. What is the expected production rate per batch. A natural gas fired boiler will be used to supply heat for the mashing and distilling operation. What is the rated heat input for the boiler (in BTU heat input/hr)? What is the specific gravity of the final product? What is the expected conversion percentage of the starch/sugars (produced during the mashing process) to ethanol? What is the weight of spent grains generated per batch? How are the spent grains handled and disposed of? Please provide a flow chart/schematic of the process. What is the capacity of the fermentation tank(s) and distillation column? What is the operating temperature of the condensing portion of the distillation column? Are the fermentation tank(s) and distillation column vented to the outside air? Thanks, Pat