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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all! New to the site and the distilling world! I am currently I am in the research/education phase of learning what it takes to get a small craft distillery on its feet. I’ve been navigating the TTB a bit but would hoping to get some practical information/lessons learned from fellow craft distillers. My situation: I have a huge passion for whiskey/bourbons, which will be my direction. Ideally I am trying to initially start with a small (<20 gallon) pot still to start making small batch's that I can sell locally initially and obviously enjoy for myself. I live in unincorporated Snohomish County and ideally would like to have a distilling location in/near the city of Sultan. I really want to embrace the whole “farm to glass” mantra that helped kick off the craft license by utilizing my small 10 acre hobby farm for the majority of the process. I would love to grow some of the grains used (corn primarily), produce the mash, ferment the mash, and then ultimately store/age the filled barrels at my farm in a specially designed barn. The distillation would have to occur at a seperate location, which I still need to figure out. Ideally would be nice to conduct all of it at the farm but not holding my breath! Again this would be an “ideal” situation! Any tips/advice/direction? Thanks and sorry for the long post! Mike