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  1. 12 NW Malt Whiskies Reviewed

    I finally got my article online that features a number of Washington companies: http://www.distillerytrail.com/blog/craft-spirits-judging-can-you-identify-12-northwest-single-malt-whiskies-in-a-blind-taste-test/ Really looking forward to American Malt Whiskey being the next big trend, here's to 2018! Lenny Gotter Consulting 503-358-6552 Spirits Guru/Brand/Marketing/Sales Consultant LennyGotter.com
  2. New Member/tips on getting started

    Mike, Let's connect on the phone or via email. More than happy to give you some insight from where you are at. Lennygotter.com Lennygotter@gmail.com 503-358-6552
  3. Blue Flame?

    I was trying to get a hold of someone at Blue Flame, but my emails have not been answered in a while. Does anyone have any other contact info? Lenny
  4. Blue Flame?

    I have been emailing Brian. lennygotter@gmail.com 503-358-6552 I have a client looking for contract distilling.