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My name is Scott Lindquist a Distiller in Alaska for the last 8 years. I started out at Alaska Distillery, the notorious Smoked Salmon Vodka, Outlaw Whiskey and Potato Vodka Permafrost. For the last two years I have been at Anchorage Distillery mashing Alaska grains distilling a barley vodka, rye & wheat whiskeys.  For the last 15 years I have been harvesting icebergs in Prince William Sound and selling glacial cocktail ice to Japan.

My quest is to create a luxury ice market in Seattle using icebergs as my source. I would like to get an opinion of what the Washington Distillers Guild thinks of this ice endeavor. Glacial ice is dense like a diamond with natural effervescence called "ice sizzle" trapped air bubbles that compressed over thousands of years then pop as the air bubble reaches the surface of the ice. The State of Alaska has issued me a permit to harvest a limited amount of free floating icebergs in Prince William Sound, Alaska. I have been keeping purity record from 1992.