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  1. Hello all, I just moved back to the US from 5 years in Seoul, South Korea studying traditional Korean alcohol, distilling, and teaching beer and cider brewing. I finished up my two certificates from Kyonggi University and the Rural Development Administration of Korea and made it back shortly after. I managed to bring back some undiluted bottles of soju, whiskey, and rum that I made while there. I'm looking for some feedback as I'm hunting for jobs and would love to bring some by for a sample. I'm most proud of the soju as it is made from the cheongju layer of makgeolli and is nothing like any commercial version I've had. I'm convinced the best stuff is always hidden in the house of the old Korean brewer. I'll do my best to stop by the meeting on Tuesday, but if I miss you there I'd love to come by and share samples with people. Hope to start meeting people soon, Andrew Maier