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  1. Good afternoon, My name is Joshua Stoney, and I am currently digging deep into my passion of great american whiskeys and spirits. I am reaching out to see if there are any volunteer opportunities as I want to learn as much as possible as I grow and move forward. I am currently a high school principal and live in Centralia, WA with my family. My hope is to start a local tasting club and share the great spirits in our own state as well as others. I am willing to volunteer or help in evenings, weekends, holidays, etc around my job to continue learning and sharing and have experience in the education field which could be beneficial. I came across this site as I was visiting local distillery in the state and experience the great things going on. Although I am not a distiller, I love the process, the art, the science that goes on in it and am eager and willing to help out any way possible. If there is anyone out there needing some help in exchange for teaching me what there is to know about the business, I would be very greatfull. I also recently started social media and blogging to share my passion known as aquavitae tasting on Facebook and twitter as well as a blog website at http://mrandmrsstoney.wixsite.com/aquavitaetaste Thank you