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  1. Sorry guys meant to intro myself last year. I am an active member of several guilds. I design and manufacture distillery equipment to best suit your needs. There are probably already a couple distilleries in here running batches on our equipment. We are not limited to equipment, I can help with production, setup, distillers enzymes etc. If there is anything I can help with, dont hesitate to give me a shout! Be safe out there!
  2. deerfish stills columns made in montana!

    Im not sure how this guy got in here. This company has no business building stills. They use rubber inner tubes for gaskets, downcomers that are incorrect, condensers that are too small, and most the stuff they sell is bought from other equipment suppliers. Steer clear, just a heads up! And just a note to admin. Ive been here a year and do not come here to sell equipment. This is just a friendly heads up to other distillers. This stuff is not cheap, and shouldnt have to be purchased twice!