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  1. Business Value Analysis

    Hey Hawk and Suzy, basically banks are looking for comps, and since the craft distillery biz model is somewhat new, they struggle with appraisals. The fact that some folks have been either bought or partially acquired, Big Gin and Westland, that would be a good contact to speak with. The basic rule of thumb for value when I am working with customers who are planning their end game is, 30% of gross sales plus equipment, after depreciation value, plus inventory at cost Cheers!!
  2. Bottle Pricing Calculator

    Hey Iliasm, this is great, I do have a question about the Markup numbers, maybe you can clarify. Are you using what the distributer gets the product for (FOB) and then they usually mark it up 25% to sell to on/off premise account? example $6.50 25% m/u is $8.13. I am thinking you might mean 25% margin (this is a pain in terminology, most of the east coast of the U.S. uses mark up, and the west coast uses margin. $6.50 with a 25% margin makes the bottle price $8.67. The other point being if we are using margin, most distributors work on a 30-35% margin, making the bottle price $9.28. Cheers, Chip Sellarole
  3. Nice to meet you wonderful folks. I have been to 2 Guild meetings and it is inspiring to be part of such an active and passionate group. Lets chat sometime, I have a lot of stories and real world experience in all tiers of the business. Running a seminar at Seattle Central College on June 7th, with a panel discussion with Vinum, Click and Young's Distributors on the panel. Very important bridge to build. Cheers, Chip My