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  1. TTB compliant Locks

    I hope you are set up by now but http://www.allpadlocks.com/ez-catalog/X380790/174 worked well for me. Less than $20 per lock shipped to my door. They have a page on the website specifically for TTB compliant padlocks.
  2. Spokane Clean air questions

    That is an interesting read. I feel it is for massive scale distilleries...and written in 1897 not 1997. Thanks for sharing it. It'll be interesting to see what the annual tonnage of emissions produced and charged will be. Good luck Alex
  3. Spokane Clean air questions

    I think there is a method of determining specific gravity of the water (1.0) vs the specific gravity of the final wort (prior to yeast pitch). By subtracting the weight of water from the total weight of the wort you can determine the quantity of change and determine the weight of the extraction. I have never done this but it seems reasonable. Farm feed is good assuming the farmer is only using it as a supplemental feed. Check to see if there are any mushroom cultivators in the neighborhood or nurseries who could use the spent grain as planting medium, top dressing or compost. Possibly commercial composting facilities.
  4. Spokane Clean air questions

    Agreed. All of these questions are simple enough and will be base exclusively on your own process of production, your equipment capacity and the ingredients YOU choose to use. I recommend the "KISS" method, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (no offense!) Answer the questions as simply and basically as possible, in one word where possible. Ex: Annual production: XXX Gallons / BTU input: 100000Btu The only big item here is the process of production flow chart. But you should already have a good idea of your processing plan at this point. Id recommend calling a local micro brewery regarding the starch conversions and before/after weights of their grains if you are unfamiliar. Alex
  5. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Thanks Steven! I kept looking for the point of access to the members only forum LOL. It all makes sense now. Alex
  6. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    I haven't been able to access the Members only forum. I paid the dues in early 2/16
  7. Firearms in a DSP?

    Thanks for the reply. My concern is more towards not excluding individuals who are licensed and legally carrying, than to refusing service to someone who is carrying at my establishment. I don't know the actual statistics...but i feel that about 1 in 4 who pass by my door are packing heat (#rural agricultural community.) The question came up and I didn't know how to respond. Much appreciated Gentlemen. Alex Watts Free Spirits Distilling
  8. Firearms in a DSP?

    If an individual is licensed to carry a firearm, can they enter a DSP with the firearm? I know it is prohibited from bars and all 21 and over establishments but does the same apply to a distillery? Alex "living in a gun happy nation" Watts Free Spirits Distilling
  9. 190 proof GNS & Fire Department Issues

    Don't let the first quote be the last quote. I had heart dropping experience with installing my steam piping after seeing the first quote. Coming in at 15,000 to install my 7,000 steam generator! I was paying out of pocket for all the equipment and install and had a feeling that the end was near before ever being licensed. We searched around, called everyone who would be able to provide the service and eventually, in random conversation we heard the most magical words ever muttered..."I know a guy." We were put into contact with a local gentleman who was nearing retirement, who loved the idea of what we were doing and offered to do the steam piping for a fraction of the original expectation. I think the end bill was 2,500 or 16% of the original quote. Your brothers, wife's, sisters, husbands, uncle is an out of work electrician looking for a project. Seek him out. I don't know if you need to rewire the entire facility or just replace the fixtures, but if you can purchase them from a distributor and simply pay for the install you may get a huge break (most items sold are up-charged when purchased through a contractor). I wish you luck Alex Watts Free Spirits Distilling Ltd.
  10. Dump Batch Record Template?

    So if anyone is feeling generous and helpful, I am struggling with creating a functional, user friendly Dump/Batch record template. If anyone is willing to share the format/template/spreadsheet which they use, I'd be forever grateful. Im sure that I can find some way to pay back the favor! Please PM if you can help me out. Thanks Alex Watts Free Spirits Distilling
  11. Distilled Spirits Compliance Seminar: March 9, 2016

    I want to thank you Lisa and everyone else involved in setting up the Distilled Spirits Compliance Seminar! It was money well spent and a huge help to me personally (I assume to most of the other attendees as well). Alex Free Spirits Distilling Ltd
  12. Hydrometer selection quick reference chart.

    I compiled a list of the IRS hydrometers, the proof of each one and made a slide scale to quickly identify which hydrometer to use for each proof of spirit. See attached if this will help you (to never hear the sound of a hydrometer hit the bottom of the cylinder again). Alex Watts Freespiritsdistilling.com Hydrometer to use chart pdf.pdf
  13. Free Spirits Distilling Coming online

    Thanks! Jason-I do have one idea up my sleeve for a myco-liquor that I've made at home, but haven't pursued anything with it yet. It was great if you love a dirty martini...and referred to simply as "i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g" by one friend who sampled it lol. If i ever make it, it will be micro batch. Kirby- Ill come by and check out Oola next time i come up. Id love to check out the distillery! I will certainly be reaching out to the guild for info. Thanks again.
  14. Free Spirits Distilling Coming online

    Hello spirit world. I am the co-owner, secretary and distiller of Free Spirits Distilling Ltd. We are coming online this month and opening the doors to our craft distillery. Our spirit line will include Pear Brandy, Rose Petal Liquor, Fir Bud Liquor and Sweet Tea Whiskey. Currently we have formula approval for all spirits and COLA approval for 3 of the 4. We anticipate having bottles for sale starting March 2016! Free Spirits Distilling is located in Historic-Downtown Chehalis, WA approximately half way between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. We are online at www.freespiritsdistilling.com I have tried many of the Washington Craft Spirits and look forward to meeting fellow guild members! Alex Free Spirits Distilling Ltd