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  1. IFC and barrel exemptions

    Thank you Jason for the clarification!
  2. Hello, I recently saw references around barrel storage exemptions and the Internation Fire Code compliance, essentially a few posts I saw mentioned that anything below 53 gallons is exempt from your storage requirements so for example, using a wine barrel (59 gallon) would count against that. Reading through the IFC I did not see specific barrel requirements being mentioned, just simply that if it's in the barrel you are exempt. Thoughts or suggestions on what stands true? Cheers, -ilias
  3. I wanted to share some goodness this Sunday. Its a bottle pricing calculator I got from LCB. It will help you get numbers for when you sell to a distributor / retail / restaurant etc. Cheers, -ilias Calculator.xlsx
  4. Thank you Gwydion. You have been very lucky to try some of the authentic Greek spirits directly from Greece. I agree the imports here in the States are not the best options. Looking forward to meeting you in person and trying some of your absinthe. Cheers, -ilias
  5. Hi all, Wanted to drop in and say hello. My name is Ilias Mastrogiannis and I recently started the process of getting a Greek Distillery started in the state of WA (talk about timing). I'm a third generation distiller and want to bring some of the Greek Spirits that my grandfather and dad started back home to the States. I've already meet with a few you personally or over email, I hope to meet the rest of the folks and get to be an active community member. Cheers, -ilias