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  1. Greetings From Seattle/Burien

    Thanks Nilly! I've read a few of your blog posts and I'd be happy to refer people to you if they end up needing assistance or guidance.
  2. Good afternoon! My name is Erik Knise and I live in Burien, WA. I grew up in the Issaquah/Bellevue area and moved out to Burien about 6 years ago. I work as an electronics tech for a few years after high school and I've been doing 3rd party logistics at Pacific Shipping Company in Sodo/Georgetown for the liquor industry full time for the last 7 years. PSC is my dad's company so I got started here when I was in high school. Tried to go out and do other stuff, but got drawn into the family business. I started bartending at Mick Kelly's Irish Pub in Burien early last year and joined the United States Bartender's Guild's WA Chapter. Today I was doing some research into contract distilling laws for a customer and this forum showed up and I recognized a bunch of familiar faces. Hopefully I can learn a little about distilling and answer some questions about transportation. Pacific Shipping Company is an approved Public Storage Warehouse under WAC 314-36-060. http://app.leg.wa.go...cite=314-36-060 Before the transition we did a lot of full container deliveries and special orders to the WSLCB's Distribution Center. We did large re-packs, re-labeling, and co-packs for most of the major brands. Lately we still work with some of our old customers and deliver to some of the new distributors, but our focus has shifted towards servicing Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Utah bailment states along with shipping to locations all over the United States for some customers. A few weeks ago I started reviewing our compliance when we started talking to some new potential customers. It's really difficult to do business in this state. If you are an out of state liquor company and have product stored in the state you need business and liquor licenses. If you ship directly to Washington State distributors from out of state, then you don't need WA Business/Liquor licenses. Lots of fun, but with the WSLCB it's always better to ask for help than for them to catch you themselves.