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  1. "Tennessee Bottles for sale

    I have approximately 1 pallet left of good glass left if anyone is interested. Come see and make offer.
  2. "Tennessee Bottles for sale

    I do. Give me a call at 509-998-0330
  3. "Tennessee Bottles for sale

    Any input would be appreciated. Price to high? How much? Any advice would be great as I don't want to make a mistake getting these. Thanks a lot! Greg
  4. "Tennessee Bottles for sale

    Hello, Came across some new "Tennessee" 750ml liquor bottles. The container they were in got jostled around and the boxes are not in great condition. See photos. They are still making their way to me and I wanted to see if anyone wants some. Would like to sell by the pallet. I will check pallets before they ship. 840 bottles per pallet, 6 per case. How about $1.00 per bottle, $800. per pallet(in case a few are broke). You pay shipping, or come get. I could possibly help with delivery depending on amount ordered. Let me know if your interested. gregschwartz17@msn.com

    2 Loons Distillery Nominates Jason Parker - President Holly Robinson - Vice President Paco Joyce - Secretary Steven Stone - Treasurer Carry on! Cheers Greg and Trish
  6. Wanted 400-500 gallon mash tun

    Thanks Skip. Keep me in mind when you decide and I could drive over.
  7. Wanted 400-500 gallon mash tun

    Hello All, We are looking for a mash tun in the 400-500 range. It cannot be too high as we are working with a 8 foot ceiling. A steam jacket preferably. Maybe a used milk tank? I figured someone may know or someone storing one. Thanks a lot! Greg Update: 11/20/2015 - Found One. Thanks,
  8. 2 Loons Distillery

    Hello from Loon Lake WA. My wife and I are the two loons. We finally opened our doors a month ago and are excited to learn everything we can about distilling and help other in their venture if we can.-Greg