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  1. Hi guys, Can anybody tell me a good ballpark percentage for the amount of space you should provide for fermentation in a fermentation vessel? I currently use 5 gallon glass carboys and my mash usually takes from half to three-fourths of the volume. A) Is excess space in a fermentation vessel detrimental to the mash in any way, 2) if so, what proportion of space to mash is recommended to avoid any potential detrimental effects? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks! -j
  2. Thanks Aaron I'll shoot you an e-mail! -j
  3. Thanks so much for the tip! -j
  4. Hi Guys, Can anybody recommend a good business tax person with industry experience? I've got a personal tax guy but he knows very little about business taxes, expenses, etc. I'm a bit confused about what types of things I can include as business expenses and how to get reimbursed (if possible). This includes possible travel expenses, equipment leasing, home office discounts, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and best of luck to everybody! -j
  5. Newbs: learn from my mistake!

    Thanks John ! -j
  6. Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with my financial projections and wondering if I need to rethink my fruit costs and yields. The quote's I've received from growers amount to approximately $1 per pound. This figure can change seasonally because fruit in season tends to get way cheaper, but I'm using the high figure in my projections just to be safe. For yield my calculations are approximately 16 pounds of fruit = one 750ml bottle of brandy. So far this yield has been correct in my personal experience with distilling, which includes plums, pears and apricots. This works out to be pretty expensive - and I know fruit is more costly than grain, but are these ratios different for anybody else? I wonder if maybe I'm projecting too high a cost or too low a yield. Any help along these lines would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -j
  7. Newbs: learn from my mistake!

    Ha - "killing" seems quite appropriate. Everything's on hold until I can get this figured out. No reply yet from my TTB contact, but the WSCLB rep did send a list of requirements which indicate that if the space is attached in any way to a residence you can forget distilling there. Woah is me... -j
  8. Newbs: learn from my mistake!

    Thanks Gwydion, I have discussed this with the WSLCB rep and a TTB agent, both of whom have given me the same "no". However, I haven't asked them to cite the specific rules pertaining to it.. I will totally do that and post the outcome here. -j
  9. I'm sure the following is obvious to most people, but my brain apparently works in a "special" way, so just to reiterate: BEFORE you lease the space you want for a distillery, contact the Washington State Liquor Control Board and ask them if the space will work for a distillery! I thought I was as careful as I could be in the order of setup. I thought I had all my ducks in a row: got a land use permit for the chosen space from the Seattle Department of Planning and Development, organized my LLC, got a business license, started the inquiry process for my insurance policy, and started the application process with the TTB. Business Licensing contacted the WSLCB and they set up an interview with me to go over my details. I had my business plan and financials. I was prepared. Good times. Turns out that since my space is in a mixed use building and my residence is above - and attached to - the commercial space to be used for the business, I can NOT distill there.I can not bottle there. I can not STORE there. Now I'm stuck in a place that's more than I can afford, looking for another space to put the still. The worst of times, eh? Live and learn! First step - contact WSLCB!!! Also - anybody who has any tips on where I can lease cheap industrial space that's NOT attached to anything residential, please feel free to shoot me an email: My operation is microscopic - I need no more than 500 SF right now. Good luck to everyone - hope to see all your products behind the bar! -j
  10. fruit crusher/press

    Thanks Sam! I'm not quite there yet financially or volume-wise, but Voran will be my first choice once I get really serious. :) -j
  11. fruit crusher/press

    Thanks Trailsend - I will look into that. Haven't secured a good press yet so this comes at a good time! -j
  12. fruit crusher/press

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a reasonably priced fruit crusher that can process stone fruits. Don't know why it seems so tough to find anything - probably partly because I don't know the capabilities of most presses on the market. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. My needs are pretty small right now: I'm making brandies, just need to process up to 26 gallons and want all the pulp for the mash, and I'm totally happy with processing in smaller amounts. My main concerns are: 1) the press/crusher needs to be able to deal with pits/stones (I can separate them out by hand), and 2) I'm not looking to spend top dollar. Any thoughts? Thanks, -j
  13. Hi, Just wondering if this item is still available and what you're thinking of charging. If I get the space I'm looking at I would need something like this around the middle of September. Let me know if you get a moment. Thanks! -j