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  1. All, I just wanted to jump on the forum and let you know that I have been awarded a speaking engagement at the ADI convention being held this year in KY. If any of you are planning on attending the convention this year please let me know, I would love to meet you down in KY. I also wanted to thank you all for your support this last year and thank those of you that have become my clients. There are many of you that I currently work with in Washington and if I have not had the opportunity to work with you yet, I look forward to speaking with you in 2015!
  2. Do you “Have” insurance or do you “Acquire” insurance???? Let us begin by reviewing the definition of each of these words: 1. have/hav,həv,(ə)v/ verb 1. be obliged or find it necessary to do the specified thing. 1. ac·quire/əˈkwī(ə)r/ verb 1. obtain (an object or asset) for oneself Interesting. The reason I bring this up and write this post is mainly due to the fact that there really are two varieties of distilleries found across this great country of ours (sorry if you are outside of the U.S., you are welcome to keep reading but I am focusing just on America at this point, sorry). There are those craft distillers who “have” insurance and those that “acquire” insurance. In my dealings with folks all across the country, from Alaska to Hawaii, from Maine to Florida and every known single point in-between, I have found that everyone I talk to falls into one of these two categories. Let us start with the “have” to people first. The people in this group seem to be the ones that are a bit put out due to the fact they feel victimized by the insurance process. Hearing things like, “Well!!!! I HAVE to have insurance because the stupid bank/landlord/government/name-some-other –random-entity is MAKING me, otherwise I would just go without!” This is very common with people in this group. The unfortunate reality is that these people either have not been properly educated in the insurance process and simply do not understand its beneficial function to them or …….. they are just crabby and they DO understand insurance but they still hate having to have it. Noted. “I pay all this money every year and never use it! What good is that, I could use that money for other things.” I have heard that so many times that if I had a nickel for each one I wouldn’t be here writing this; I’d be in Belize fishing right now. The first thing to realize is that insurance is NOT a waste of money, it is a way to protect you assets. In all reality insurance is a very safe and reasonably cost effective way to spread and mitigate your single risk against loss across a broader spectrum in exchange for a premium. In fact “insurance” is defined as: Insurance Definition A risk-transfer mechanism that ensures full or partial financial compensation for the loss or damage caused by event(s) beyond the control of the insured party. Under an insurance contract, a party (the insurer) indemnifies the other party (the insured) against a specified amount of loss, occurring from specified eventualities within a specified period, provided a fee called premium is paid. In general insurance, compensation is normally proportionate to the loss incurred. Some types of insurance (such as product liability insurance) are an essential component of risk management. Exactly. “…. an essential component of risk management.” I ask this question: would these same people notice a potential issue within their own distillery that could become a potential hazard or be a risk to their losing everything they have worked so hard to build, yet choose not to fix that issue unless someone was forcing them to? Of course not, most would be proactive and fix the issue and avoid or mitigate the risk. Well the same applies to insurance. Insurance simply cannot be looked at as something that is being forced. Instead, one should realize that insurance is actually there to be a benefit in the case of an unexpected event. Some of these same folks will choose to “self-insure” those aspects that are not being “forced” upon them. Often, they will need to comply with a landlord’s requirements, or get insurance to satisfy a bank loan, but that is where it ends. They will “self-insure” their property (stills, equipment, etc.) as well as their product. What they don’t understand is there is a lot more to insurance than meets the eye. Let us take for instance products coverage; product recall coverage; and liquor liability. What if these same folks are bottling their product and during the course of the process they nick the neck of the bottle, inadvertently sending glass shards into the product? They then send the product out without knowing and someone ingests some of the glass causing injury? Well, in this case, if they do not have products liability or some product recall coverage, they are going to have to foot the entire suit and recall costs out of their pocket. Payment of damages to the injured party; the cost of recalling the rest of the batch that could potentially be affected, etc., could be very costly. This could ruin many new or smaller distillers and potentially cost them their business. This whole situation however could have been mitigated via the proper insurance policy. If they would have had the proper coverage they would have not only coverage for potential lawsuits but they would also be afforded defense coverage for those suits. As well, their product recall coverage could be paid for (up to the limit purchased) and they could stay in business. The same goes for liquor liability. What are the chances someone may be potentially sued for causing someone to become “over served” on their product resulting in a lawsuit? I have seen this happen and even if the party was not found to be negligent the legal cost of proving themselves not guilty can be staggering (pun intended). The rule of thumb is, if you don’t have the coverage, you don’t have the defense. As well, if they choose to “self-insure” their equipment they are then beholden to having to buy it again should a loss occur. Insurance premiums on equipment, when written correctly, can be less than half a cent on the dollar! Well in my book that is a sound investment in the way of protection of your assets. That is simply not “throwing money away”. Given, there are a myriad of coverage’s and one needs to keep things in check as to not become “insurance poor” but again, this is where the education piece comes into play as well as knowledge on the part of the agent. If these folks “have” to have the coverage and choose to buy low and not know or care what is really covered, you have to wonder what other corners are being cut. This brings us to the “acquire” crowd. Oh how I enjoy these folks. These are the folks that get it, or at the very least they want to get it. They are the ones that ask the questions and will actually LISTEN to the answer because they want to know. These are the folks that will take an active role in the decision process and acquire the correct insurance product to fit their needs. The folks in this crowd understand that insurance is not a waste of resources but that it truly is an asset and protection that is there to assist them in their greatest time of need should it arise. The “acquire” group understands the value of what they are purchasing weighed against the cost of doing so. They are effective buyers that are still keeping an eye on their money but know how and why they are spending it and what they expect in return. They also understand that their insurance professional is a trusted confidant, a true business partner that they work in unison with in order to protect and grow their greatest asset. They are not foolhardy with what they will pay in the way of premiums but the dollars they do spend they know are in the best interest of their business. In a way, these folks have reached “Insurance Nirvana”. Often times they don’t necessarily start out that way, although some do. Some are born savvy insurance buyers but most “acquire” this skill over a period of time or through trial and error. I have two suggestions to anyone reading this post. The first would be this; if you are one of the “have” folks but would like to move closer to the “acquire” group without needing to experience the trial and error process, give me a call. I am careful to never say I have seen it all and done it all but I have seen more and done more than most anyone else. I have been doing this for a very long time and can easily lead you to “Insurance Nirvana” via the scenic highway route as opposed to the bumpy and slow dirt road that many insurance folks are on. Second suggestion; if you are in the “acquire” group, kudos to you. You are well on your way to being a happier person, comfortable with who you are and where you are going in terms of insurance and you will have a greater experience in the long run. For you savvy individuals I would still suggest you give me a call. I have the only product available that gives you what you really need (see this article: ) in order to experience true “Insurance Nirvana”. I am here to assist you, guide you, and if you have a great insurance product at a great price then I am even here to tell you, “Good job savvy insurance buyer, you have truly acquired Insurance Nirvana.”
  3. 2 Loons Distillery

    Dear loons, I love the name! I grew up in Minnesota (it's the state bird) and I absolutely love their call. Anyway, I would like to invite you to give me a call or shoot me an email in regards to your TTB Bonding and Insurance. I have the very best bonding rate in the country (I weigh my rates against the top 20 sureties in the country every few months and I have had the best rates for the last 8 months straight!). As well, I have an exclusive insurance product that is the only one in the country that actually values your product correctly and on a progressive valuation scale. I am licensed and write craft distilleries in 46 states currently and have done so for the last 6 years. I would love to have the opportunity to chat with you. Feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 307-752-5961. Best of luck and welcome aboard!!!!!
  4. Business tax adviser - recommendations?

    Johno, I actually have a couple of good CPA's that I work with who specialize specifically in the craft beverage industry. Do either send me an email @ or feel free to give me a call at 307-752-5961 and I can get you all their info.
  5. Distillery on the Moon

    ***** INSURANCE UPDATE ***** ******* 10 / 10 / 14 ********** ** DISTILLERY ON THE MOON ** Picture this if you will, a craft distiller that is making a wonderful multi-year aged product that is as smooth and richly complex in flavor as anything you have ever had the pleasure of having cross your palate; A multimillion dollar facility with one of the most beautiful, multiple story tall, hand crafted stills that you have ever seen; A cache of their distilled products with a value in the multiple tens of millions of dollars. Sounds pretty great right? Maybe it sounds like a goal that you hope to one day achieve for your own business? Now take this real life scenario and place this facility on the moon. Did I lose you there? Did I really say that this facility with all of this value and all of this product was on the moon? Yes I did. However, I am speaking metaphorically. This situation really, truly does exist in regards to a client of mine. They have the facility. They have the beautiful still. They have a large cache of their product built up for current and future demand, but for all intents and purposes their distillery is located on the moon. Well, at least that is what 99% of the insurance companies think. Recently I had the opportunity to work with a long term and very good client of mine in order to arrange for new insurance coverage for their ever growing and expanding craft distillery. There were many issues that needed to be overcome such as the value of their buildings (it is quite a lot), the value of their products on hand (but I am the only person in the country that has that figured out as well, see my post and read the whitepaper here:, but the biggest issue was their location. I marketed this account to every single insurance carrier I could find that purports to have a “special craft distillery/beverage” program. I was met almost immediately with declinations or comments of, “You have to be kidding, right?” One underwriter with a company who has a “special program” even told me, “This thing may as well be on the moon! There is no way we would touch this risk.” And on it went. EVERY carrier that I spoke to had a reason to not write this account. From the values being too high on the location (that carrier has a very low limit that they can accommodate “per location”, but they have a cool name that sounds like they want to write distilleries); To carriers saying that they just simply cannot accommodate something of this size; To the location of this clients operation (basically on the moon); To the fact that even though “they” have a special program, they are just under-gunned to actually write this kind of risk; Or that they could not get this past their ReInsurance company; To the fact that they only handle very small to moderate risk size (this has been a problem with a lot of distilleries, their carriers drop them when they actually get too big). The odd thing is, many, many clients fall into this category of size. So what are these clients to do when they either outgrow their carrier or are told that a number of carriers only write “rural risks but there has to be adequate fire protection” (two things that do not go hand in hand)? They are to turn to me! Of course I contacted the carrier that I have my exclusive program through, spelled out the details of the account, the fact that we needed my increasing and progressive valuation for their aging stock on hand, and you know what???? They did not even blink. No snarky comments about the “moon-like” location, no problems with the value, no issues with the lack of fire suppression and even better, they could do it in house without worrying about a reinsurance company riding them over the placing of the account! Within a week’s time we had a bindable proposal that we were able to execute in a timely fashion without missing a beat. The reason I wanted to tell this story is simply due to the fact that, as I have said before, just because an agent or carrier may be able to place a risk does not mean they should. Do your checking prior to buying your coverage. Is the carrier someone that is going to drop you in the second or third year due to your increasing size? Does the agent even really know your business and how to handle it properly? What happens in the case of a loss to your stock on hand? Just because a carrier has a “shiny” name with “craft” or “specialty beverage” or “distillery” in it does not mean they are a perfect fit for what your needs may be. Currently 99% of the carriers in the country use almost the exact same forms and endorsements to write craft distillers but those forms and endorsements in many cases do not provide adequate coverage for your true risk and at that point it just boils down to premium dollars (see this post: ) . In the end though, those premium dollars mean nothing if they are being spent on lackluster coverage. From the very smallest of start ups, to those who have been in the industry for many year that are located on the “moon”, urban or rural, and everyone that is growing and in between, I can assist you. This is not a shameless self plug (well, not entirely) but a true plea from an experienced professional: Do your research, know what you are getting and make sure you have someone with experience in this industry that can go to bat for you should something happen. That is what you are spending your premium dollars for, make them count. From one room “mom and pop’s” to multimillion dollar facilities on the moon, make sure you are protected by someone and by a carrier that fully understands your exposure and by someone who is in this not to make a quick buck, but by someone who is doing all they can to better the industry as a whole ( see this post: . After all, “It is one small step for craft distilleries, one giant leap for distillery-kind”.
  6. Esteemed Forum Members, I am pleased to announce that I, along with several others, have formed a core group of industry experts in order to better assist those in the craft beverage industry. This team is comprised of a body of experts that have a tried and true historical record assisting those in the craft beverage industry that has proven these members to be the best of the best. We have formed this group in order to positively promote the industry as a whole through best practices, best services, advanced education and unparalleled expertise. Given the incredible rate of growth that the craft distillery industry has experienced and continues to experience, there are a lot of people “jumping in” and trying to take advantage of the rapid expansion in order to make a fast buck. My opinion is that many of these people are diluting the industry as a whole via their lack of knowledge, lack of true understanding, and lack of experience and expertise. Becoming involved only to try and take advantage of a situation and capitalize on it only for personal gain is short sighted and I feel it is also intrinsically wrong. Many seem to be in it only for themselves and in the end only prove to be roadblocks that are a drag on the industry. They are not here to promote the craft distillery industry for the greater good; they are involved only for their own personal wellbeing. Our group of industry experts brings years of dedicated service, specialized products, and a true commitment to the craft beverage industry directly to you. One of the many benefits of this group is that we save you one of your most precious and valuable resources, time! Instead of having to spend countless hours of research trying to figure out who is reputable and who you should chose to work with, you now have a “one-stop-shop” of resources and we offer our services on a national level. While we all remain independent from one another, we work closely together as a group to best assist our clients and service their needs. You as the client though are free however to pick and chose which services you are in need of and can select to use any of us that you like. We are an expert resource group with a working knowledge of one another’s expertise and have an excellent rapport with one another. What this means to you is that if you have questions, we have answers. Our expert group is currently comprised of the following industries: Commercial Insurance / TTB Bonding / State Bonding: Aaron Linden – CIC, Product Design / Branding / Marketing: Leif Miltenberger, Hired Guns Creative CPA / Planning: Nick Shepherd & Kevin O’Brien, Irvine & Company, LLC Legal / Alcohol Compliance: Chris Hermann & Bernard Kipp, Stoel Rives, LLP TTB Consultant / TTB Compliance: Charles Schumacher Architecture / Design / IFC: Mark Ward, Urbanadd Distillery Operations / Product Development / Consultant: Daniel Feldman, Dodo Distilleries In closing, we are all very excited for this opportunity and the ability to bring our years of expertise and dedicated service to the craft beverage industry to all of you. I would encourage anyone reading this, from the start-ups to those of you who are well established, to reach out to any of us with any questions or comments you may have. The beautiful thing about learning is that no matter if you are new to the industry or if you have been in it for a while, things are always changing and there is always something new to learn. Let us be your resource for learning and let’s positively grow this industry together for a sustainable and successful future.
  7. What can we all learn from the recent tragic and damaging earthquake in the Napa Valley region a few weeks back that effected many wineries (and distilleries) in regards to insurance? Well, for one, earthquake itself is not a covered peril under any standard commercial property insurance policy. In the specific language of a Special Form Coverage Part (an aside here, you should make sure that you are covered on a Special Forms Coverage on your current policy) all causes of loss are covered except those that are excluded. Exclusion ( b ) on the Special Form Cause of Losses (Commercial Property Form CP 10 30 04 02) specifically excludes Earthquake. Earthquake however is not limited to simply just "Earthquake". "Earthquake" is defined as earthquakes, landslides, mine subsidence, earth sinking (but sinkholes themselves are covered) and volcanoes. Obviously, if you are located in an area that is prone to earthquake activity it would certainly be time well spent to check into an earthquake policy if you do not have one. The broadest coverage available is called a Difference In Condition policy or a DIC. A DIC is designed to broaden coverage for specific perils that standard markets do not provide adequate, if any, coverage limits for. Usually these are used to insure against perils such as flood and earthquake but do also have other applicable uses. In regards to a DIC that covers the earthquake peril the standard deductible can range anywhere from a standard 5%-10% but can be a high as 25% of the Total Insurable Value (TIV) per unit or location. This deductible can seem high especially in regards to a multimillion dollar loss like those seen on some of the regions larger wine producers (where the deductible could be anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 depending), but it is certainly better than getting no insurance assistance as was the case with many of the folks in that region. Another issue that has reared its ugly head due to this incident is one that I have pointed out for years, the valuation of your product or stock on hand. Under the Commercial Property Endorsement form CP 99 05 06 95 (another aside here, make sure you at least have this form on your policy. Selfless plug here, I have an exclusive coverage form that I offer that is far superior to this, but at a minimum you should at least make sure you have this form, but you need to talk to me to get the very best available coverage) which is titled "Distilled Spirits and Wines Market Value" and in short it says that the insurance company will determine the value of your product at the time and the place of the loss based on potential "Market Value". I don’t know about you, but I personally do not want the insurance company telling me what my product is worth after it is already gone, that sounds like a losing proposition doesn’t it? Scarier yet is the fact that this endorsement never clearly spells out the actual value or settlement procedure that one could expect should there be a loss. The from that I offer is the only form of its kind that allows us to schedule the actual value of the product/stock on hand on a progressive valuation scale throughout the maturation process or for the product that you have on hand (I have the ability to value aging as well as non-aged stock). Also, my form waives all co-insurance penalties that would be associated with the product/stock coverage in the case of a loss. Now in regards to the earthquake, it really is a moot point in the fact that earthquake would not have been a covered cause of loss anyway. However it does raise the question about how would this impact you during a covered peril. Under the standard form that every other company uses (CP 99 05 06 95) my assessment is, not very well. In regards to the vague "Market Value" language seen in that form, this can be a large issue for a lot of startup distilleries or for that matter, ones that have been running for years but that are adding new products. In the case of a new product or new maturing products often times there is no established "Market Value". Take for instance a start up distillery that is making a 4 year aged bourbon (it has happened, I have worked with several). If they were to sustain a loss to their inventory in the 3rd year of the 4 year maturation process, what is the "Market Value"? That is the big question. Technically under the CP 99 05 06 95 form there is no established "Market Value" since the product has never been to market in order to establish said value. That form then stipulates that the value could be "The market price per proof gallon of equivalent bottled distilled spirits as of the time and place of the loss or damage". If you are a true craft distillery, there really is no "equivalent", is there? At least you would hope there isn’t. Do you want to run the risk of only gaining reimbursement based on the price of what one of the big distributors gets for their lowest bulk sourced product? I would imagine the answer would be no. With my exclusive form, based on the product, the time maturation element (or stock on hand) and the product/stock reports that are kept it is easy to determine the exact value and the loss and what would be recuperated should the unforeseen take place. That is why I developed this product, so that everyone can sleep at night knowing everything is covered the way it should be. The valuation of your product/stock on hand is one of the most misunderstood and under insured coverage’s for many distillers and it is the one that should be the most focused on. Knowing what you are covered for and how it is valued should be at the forefront of your concerns. In closing I would suggest that if you are in an area prone to natural disasters that are excluded under standard commercial property policies such as earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, etc. you need to speak with an insurance expert about how to best protect yourself against these situations. As well, it would be time well spent on your part to protect you investment of time, passion and capital and review your current insurance policy to see what is really covered in the case of a loss. Do you have the "Special" coverage form; Are there any other forms or endorsements that protect your product/stock on hand; What are the deductibles or co-insurance clauses associated with a loss; What gaps may there be in your policy; and what has changed over the years in regards to value of your assets whether it be addition of equipment or amassing more aging stock. The sad reality is many insurance "professionals" are able to provide policies for a myriad of risks but that by no means suggests that they should. Find a true insurance expert that fully understands your risk and make certain that the premium you are paying is actually worth the price you are paying for your protection. Best, Aaron Linden - CIC Cell Phone (307)752-5961
  8. CPA Recommendation

    Jeff, I hope I am not too late in my response to your topic. I would suggest getting in touch with either Nick Shepherd or Kevin O'Brien at Irvine & Company in Portland. They service several states and specialize in micro and craft distilleries and have a vast amount of experience. They are the best. Their phone number is 503-252-8449 and Nick's email is and Kevin's email is Seriously, these two really know EXACTLY how to help you. I wish you the best.
  9. Good Day Forum Go-ers, I am about as excited as a kid on Christmas morning (or any other holiday as to not exclude anyone)!!! I was just on the phone with the TTB (a few different times to make sure that the answer was the same multiple times) and was assured that the process for submitting your TTB DSP bond has now become a very simple process for those of you doing your permit application on line. Back in April the TTB had announced that they would consider doing the full application process on line, however it seemed that no one really knew how they would treat what I consider on of the biggest factors .... How they would treat or process the bond. A little history for those of you new to the process ..... Back in the day the TTB would require for the Surety (or insurance agent) to process the Distilled Spirits Bond, attach a power-of-attorney form, crimp seal the Bond form, sign it and send it off to the distillery (in duplicate) in order for it to be considered an "executed bond form". Then the authorized party at the distillery would have to sign each copy and submit both copies to the TTB in Ohio for approval. Once approved they would keep one of the bond forms and send the other back to you at the distillery for your files. Fast forward to today ....... The TTB will now allow for the insurance agent (me of course, if it is anyone else we really need to talk) to still execute the bond form in the same manner but now once I have sealed it and signed it I can send it to you in an electronic format (most likely a PDF), then you can simply print it off, sign it and have it witnessed or sealed with your corporate seal if you have one, simply scan it again into a PDF and upload it as an attachment. Only one copy now, not duplicates and viola!!! No more having to overnight things to get them there in time. No more having to duplicate all of the work and make sure each copy is EXACTLY, PAINSTAKINGLY the same for fear of the TTB rejecting it. No more worrying that it may get lost in the mail with out a tracking number and delay the process. Man, if you are a craft/micro distillery and insurance nerd like me you are geeking out right now. This literally gives me (because I am InsuranceMan, super insurer of the universe) the ability to take these bonds from the application process to approval to the executed bond in your hands in an electronic format all within about 24 hours! See, I'm geeking out here but this is really great. Taking this process down from what use to be several days if not weeks to a day, that is good stuff. Oh what a great time in which we live. As I have said before, I am always working to improve your insurance experience. I encourage anyone with a pre-existing bond (if you need to increase it) or a need for a first time bond or anyone in-between to give me a call. I know more about bonding and insurance than dang near anyone else in the country and my program and rates are unbeatable. If you have not read my white paper posted on my website, do it! The web address is and the hyper link is entitled From Passion to Protection: Micro-distillers Insurance Solutions (or just click the link to go directly to it). I look forward to working with anyone on their bonds and insurance needs at any time. Feel free to call me on my personal cell phone at 307-752-5961 and let me show you what makes me the super insurance hero that I am.
  10. 2014 Call for Membership

    Skip, et al., I was wondering if there were possibly a way for me, as a vendor (Insurance and bonding) to possibly either become a PAID MEMBER (but without a DSP I don't know if that is possible with your organization) or at least make a contribution to the guild. I whole heartedly support your guild and would like to give back for all of the accounts I have written for Washington Distillers, etc. Do either let me know via the forums, a PM or give me a call or text on my cell phone at 307-752-5961. I hope everyone has a great long weekend.
  11. InsuranceMan

    WOW! I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone here on the forums for all of your kind words in regarsd to my "white paper", my revolutionary insurance product and for allowing me to work with several of you in regards to your bonds and distillery insurance. If any of you have any questions or would like a "no-obligation" review of your current insurance please feel free to give me a call at any time on my cell phone at 307-752-5961. I hope to talk to those of you soon that I have not yet had the pleasure of speaking with. Have a great long weekend!!!!!
  12. Industrial insurance requirements?

    Johno and others, I just wanted to reach out to you (all of you) and let you know that as far as insurance is concerned, there is no one else in the country currently who is a larger authority on this issue than I. I have put together a national exclusive program that is actually tailored specifically to each individual distillery, as well, my insurance product is the only product currently available that accurately insures your product at its correct value as well as insures it throughout the aging process in the case that you have an aged product. I am going to share the link to my already posted white paper for your review that Bill Owens from the American Distilling Institute commissioned me to write about my revolutionary new insurance product. I would encourage you to give it a read through for a better understanding of what I am bringing to distilleries. (it can be found here ) I have written micro and craft distilleries for many years, have an incredible working knowledge of the TTB and insurance as well as I have distillation experience from "field to bottle". So make no mistake, this is the real deal and it is something that those aforementioned carriers cannot even complete with since they do not have the customized forms or endorsements that I am offering. If you need anything what-so-ever please give me a call on my personal cell phone at 307-752-5961. I take all my own calls, work hand in hand with all of my distillers and take immense pride in being among the very best and being the only insurance agent who has worked to partner with a carrier to custom build a program (and know enough to write the forms and endorsements) specifically for distilleries. Please do let me know if I can do anything for you at this time.
  13. InsuranceMan

    Distinguished Members, My name is Aaron Linden and I am so very excited to finally be here on the forums with you today. After several years of working with industry experts, and through countless hundreds and hundreds of hours of research and development I am pleased to finally be able to offer to you a revolutionary and exclusive Micro / Craft Distillery Insurance product that is unlike ANYTHING ELSE found ANYWHERE else in the insurance marketplace. I have worked hand-in-hand with an A.M. Best A+ XV rated national carrier to develop this exclusive program just for you!!! This is the only insurance product currently available that actually values and insures your product accurately as it matures throughout the aging process, taking the precious value of TIME into account. As well, we can assist you in accurately and correctly insuring the value your product whether it is aged or unaged and waive any co-insurance penalties via our exclusive valuation form for aging bulk distilled and bottled distilled spirits. Partnering this exclusive coverage form with the ability to handle all of your other property, liability, liquor liability, auto, excess coverage, employee benefits, workers compensation, and TTB bonding makes us a "one-stop-shop" for all of your insurance needs. I am the ONLY insurance agent in the COUNTRY that is able to offer this exclusive product and I am doing so on a NATIONAL basis but really want to work with my firends in Washington!!! My program is open to distillers of all types and sizes and I handle everything from start-ups to those that have been in business for years that have in excess of $20,000,000 worth of product sitting in Rick Houses and higher! I have been working with distillers for over 5 years and have over a decade of insruance experience and can say there is probably not any other insurance agent who knows more than I do about what you are doing. I have been there, hands on throughout the entire process from start to finish at many a DSP and know the insurance and TTB side to boot! Many of you may have met me at the ADI convention in Seattle, if so, How have you been???? I hope you are doing great. You can also find more information about me at I am also attaching a copy of my "White Paper" for your reading pleasure that I recently wrote for ADI. Please give it a read and then feel free to give me a call on my personal cell phone with any questions or immediate needs at 307-752-5961. I have worked with distillers all over this great country and I know I can be a huge asset to you as well. Best, Aaron Linden - CIC White Paper WDG.pdf