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    Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs is a small certified organic distillery located in Lacey, Washington. We produce 20+ small batch certified organic liqueurs.

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  1. It’s finally happening! We are hiring! I’m excited to announce that Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs is looking to hire on three more experienced part time brand representatives to help sell our award winning brand of premium liqueurs and service already existing accounts across the state. We are currently looking for skilled mixologists and sales people to act as representatives for our brand in the following regions of the state: 1. Peninsula (Bremerton - Port Angeles, starting with 20+ active accounts) 2. Spokane (Greater Spokane Area, starting with 5-10 active accounts) 3. Central Washington (Yakima - Leavenworth - Tri-Cities area, starting with 5-10 active accounts) Reasonable pay, flexible hours, and commission on every bottle sold outside of events! Even if you aren't in the areas listed above, if you are interested please feel free give us a call, send me a private message, or email us at for more details. You can also check us out at In good spirits, Sam Desner, Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs - Owner, 360-890-4927
  2. Square Processing

    Set up the Liter taxes as separate items, with no taxes applied to them, and just add them to the cart on each transaction. Works for us just fine for us and I'm pretty sure it can be automatically added in on online transactions.
  3. Coriander Source

    We source our coriander from Starwest Botanicals and have never had any issues.
  4. Seeking part time sales rep

    Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs is looking for a part time sales representative to add to our team. Main duties include operating the tasting room and assisting with sales, marketing, and promotions. The employee will start at 18-20 hours a week with the potential to increase to a full time position. Prospective employees must be willing to assist with production work on occasion. Tasting Room Duties: · Conduct tastings for up to 10 people, use knowledge of products to make drink and culinary recommendations for each flavor (we will train). Maintain cleanliness and full stock in tasting room, water plants in front of tasting room. · Provide tours of production facilities to customers during non-production hours upon request. Sales and Promotion Duties: · Develop and maintain a vibrant and interactive social media presence, updating followers on important events and relevant articles. We use Facebook and Splango, as well as our main website, and would like to expand to include Twitter and Instagram. · Work with our distributors to organize off-site tastings with current accounts. · Introduce new businesses to our products and schedule initial tastings. · Maintain relationships with local accounts to ensure they are stocked, conduct deliveries within the Olympia area. · Assist at trade shows 2-5 times a year. Position and Skill Requirements: · Retail and sales experience. Bartending or alcohol industry background preferred. · Comfortable interacting with customers in a friendly sales environment, and conducting professional phone and email interactions. · Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds. · Must have reliable vehicle or transportation. · Prior marketing and promotional experience. · Eager to learn about our products and how customers can use them. Willing to do additional research and development to discover new flavors and uses for products. For more information about our distillery, please visit our website at If you are interested in the position please email us at
  5. TTB is coming to town...

    We asked the investigator over the phone what prompted it and they said it was just a routine audit. We brought it up that we had already been inspected and their response is that they didn't make the decision. Hmm, I guess an unusual process creates curiosity. We're hoping for better luck too. On the other thing we discussed recently, I may have a lead. Once we get through this audit we'll reach out to them and then we can discuss details if they're interested.
  6. TTB is coming to town...

    We are starting to wonder if we have a target painted on our back. We have just been informed that we are going to be subjected to yet another routine inspection/audit by the TTB. This is the second time in almost a year (14 months). Last time they found nothing wrong, are we really unlucky enough to warrant a second visit in such a short period of time or is this normal? How often have people had the TTB show up? Any advice beyond the obvious points?
  7. Mail Order retail sales

    Jason, We are also trying to sort out the shipping conundrum, if any chance you're willing to send a PM my way to as it would be much appreciated.
  8. Can I age whiskey in a different place than where I make it?

    Off the Bluff, Your building officials and fire marshal are misinterpreting the code. You'll probably be an F-2 or H-1 depending on your size, but an H-3 would be ridiculous for a small craft operation. I worked with a code specialist to get past the same exact issue with our fire marshal. His name was Steve Dalbey, he helped us out a ton, and did it for next to nothing. I have provided his contact info below. Hopefully he can help save you from the hassle that we went through before finding him. Steve Dalbey, Code Specialist, 563-299-2888
  9. 2015 mixed drinks in tasting room legislation!

    So one of our Facebook fans forwarded this to us this morning. If the bill passes we would be allowed to serve cocktails (made with non-alcoholic mixers) in our tasting rooms!
  10. Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs Grand Opening!

    We are happy to announce that we will be opening our doors to the public starting tomorrow at 12pm! After four years of hard work and two months with very little sleep we have made it!! I'm extending an formal invitation to all members of the Washington State Distiller's Guild and their families to come in for a free tasting and to take advantage of our 5% industry member discount at anytime. We would not have made it without all the help and information you provided us. - Sam
  11. I agree with John! It would be a huge boost to advertising our products.
  12. Newbs: learn from my mistake!

    I'd also like to recommend Steve Dalbey, he saved us tons of money in dealing with our fire marshal.
  13. Own a piece of history
  14. fruit crusher/press

    Hi Johno, I've been looking at crushers for my own brandies. I would suggest looking at Voran, they've got a few models that may work for you.
  15. Where is that big still going?

    Okay, now it really is a mystery. I was betting it was Copperworks.