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  1. Hello! A friend of mine who is in the industry has a personal connection that is looking to get into the industry, and is moving to Seattle soon. If anyone here would like to add an entry-level staff member, please consider looking at the resume linked below. This individual, Patrick McGrath, appears to be very passionate and probably can be scooped up inexpensively. Thanks https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1AlINP9_IL6dGRoUkFHZ3BDczA
  2. Hi Everyone, Looks like my post I attempted to put up on Friday didn't go through. Batch 206 has about 8 270 gallon Ibc's that we need to get rid of to create some floor space. 85 bucks each. They've been used to ferment bourbon mash, as well as to hold gin macerate for a couple days while the juice gets distilled. We'll Potassium Hydroxide soak and citric rinse before pick up. Will come with top lid and bottom output leak stopper. Call or text Mike 206-552-3095 to arrange pick up. I'll be in the shop all week from 9-6 11/10-11/15. Thanks! Mike
  3. All are spoken for. Thanks for looking! Hi Folks, We've got around 10 or so 270 gallon IBC's that are clogging up our floor that I'd like to get rid of for say... 80 bucks per... you pick up at batch 206. They've mostly been used for fermenting whiskey mash, but we have a couple that have held new make gin distillate and some other random liquids. Would make great fermenters or general purpose liquid storage. I'll CIP with NAOH prior to pick up. If interested, shoot me an email at Mike@Batch206.com Thanks! Mike McSorley, Distiller, Batch 206
  4. Long Fermentation Times...

    Looking forward to messing around with rum yeasts and higher temperatures this summer in an attempt at getting a better handle on how different esters form in different environments. Might be some really cool potential in multi-stage approaches to fermenting grain mashes... ie intentional stalling and re-pitching to get an interesting ester content.