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  1. Square

    I set liter tax up as a separate item that I add to each bottle, using a separate category. So that it separates it out in monthly reporting. I have one for the tasting room and one for self distribution. Call me if you want to see a report.
  2. Shipping

    on my list of things to do is figure out shipping of alcohol when someone buys at my location and wants it shipped. I am fairly certain I cannot do internet or phone sales. Called ups, FedEx and USPS and they all will not ship alcohol. unless you have an old account. Is there anyone else that will. Thanks
  3. Seeking "small" used fermentation tanks.

    I will have some 65 gal poly cone bottom tanks with stands possibly available next week. only used for mash. I am upgrading to totes
  4. Northwest Grocery Association - Retail Tasting

    Either my wife or I are planning on attending, would be nice to have some feedback from others to see if it is worth the drive.
  5. distilling worksheets

    Would anyone care to share what they are using for worksheets. to capture daily operation to get to the monthly ttb reports, and audit trails. Thanks Dave Tucker Tucker Distillery 360-731-3830
  6. Lacey/Olympia and NGS

    So you can have 120 gallons of class 1b flammable liquids per control area, 30 gallons of that may be open. you may double that quantity with sprinklers, you may double it again with rated cans or enclosures. Bottled storage is exempt. That is for a F-1 (beverages over 12% alcohol) occupancy. Things may change if you want to be a H occupancy ( allot of things change with this ). Storage in wooden barrels ix exempt. 2003 IFC ( the one I have I know it is in teh 2012 edition just not sure if the chapter numbering is the same) chapter 34 section 3401.2 nonapplicability sub 9. " The storage of distiled spirits and wines in wooden barrels and casks. While still being nice to your code enforcement official, ask where the rule there trying to enforce is in ADOPTED CODE.
  7. spirits stored in barrels

    The locality adopts the IFC. unless they have also ADOPTED a change to that section about the barrels, I don't believe they can limit them. The fire Marshall or the city/county can't just make stuff up.
  8. Tucker Distillery is owned and operated by Jeanette and Dave Tucker in Silverdale WA

  9. Hello from Silverdale

    No I am getting production going, Cracked corn and I are not the best of friends yet.
  10. Hello from Silverdale

    Hello from Tucker Distillery owned and operated by Jeanette and Dave Tucker. We are located in Silverdale WA, label approval is in process and hope to be open as soon as we have labels.
  11. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Can i get added please