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  1. Our craft distillery (we'll be exclusively providing contract distilling, private branding, bottling, etc... services to craft distillers) is relocating equipment from several different sources around the country. In doing so, we've located over 3000 gallons (over 1000 cases) of spirits available immediately including whiskey, bourbon, moonshine, vodka, gin, tequila, and rum. The spirits will be shipped in bulk, under bond, and shipping may be free/reduced depending on your location. The lot is priced to move as there is a deadline for their removal from current location. Must buy all and take shipment in one location. While you can work out a group buy with others, this needs to be one transaction. List with spirit type and amount attached. If you are interested or have questions reach out to me anytime. Allen Barteld 206-552-9166 AvailableCraftSpirits.pdf