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  1. Business Value Analysis

    I also recommend Terry Greenke, and my clients have given me great feedback re his services. His rates are rather reasonable. His website is: Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  2. Great PROOF event

    Congratulations on another successful PROOF event. Great to see old friends, meet new distillers, and taste amazing spirits. Cheers, Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  3. Kathy@KayakSpirits

    Robert Bennett is fantastic and very talented and has worked with beverage companies. He can be reached at Thanks, Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  4. New contact information

    Hello all. I've met and worked with some of you over the years, so I want to share some great news with you. Recently, I have merged my law practice and have joined Impact Law Group as a partner and member. I continue my business and corporate practice providing hands-on and high attention service to my clients. In addition, our team of seasoned attorneys are ready to assist me with any LCB compliance/disputes, litigation, labor/employment, general business disputes, and legislation/policy issues. I look forward to connecting with old friends and meeting new members during upcoming events. Below is my new contact information, and it'll be great to hear from you. Niloufar (Nilly) Park Impact Law Group, PLLC 1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1400 Seattle, WA 98101
 Direct: 206.457.4119 Main: 206.792.5230 Cheers! Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  5. Hello everyone, Lots of new laws relating to business and alcoholic beverages will take effect later this month. I have highlighted some in my latest blog. http://www.alturalaw...fect-in-wa.html Cheers, Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  6. Jason and Steven provided accurate information. According to TTB, "advertisement
  7. Closing your business

    Lately, I've seen few businesses close their doors, including distilleries, for various reasons. When assisting my clients, I emphasize the importance of proper dissolution of their business in order to reduce risk of liability. My latest blog addresses this topic. http://www.alturalaw...dissolving.html Thanks, Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  8. Greetings From Seattle/Burien

    Hi Eric, Welcome! I agree with you that Washington state regulations relating to production, storage, and selling of alcohol beverages is stringent. My law practice focuses on business, commercial, and alcoholic beverage laws. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you or someone you know may need assistance with compliance or business legal issues. Cheers! Niloufar (Nilly) Park Altura Law, PLLC
  9. My latest blog addresses issues relating to classification of employees v. independent contractor. Misclassification is an issue that many businesses face, which could lead to severe regulatory penalties. Cheers! Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  10. Policing Your Trademark

    Congratulations to everyone for another successful PROOF event. My latest blog focuses on trademark issues and hope you find it helpful. http://www.alturalaw...-trademark.html Cheers!! Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  11. New laws effective as of June 12, 2014

    Number of new laws relating to alcoholic beverage and business regulations take effect on June 12, 2014. Cheers, Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  12. Organic label

    Greetings, Here is my latest blog addressing organic claims on alcoholic beverage labels. http://www.alturalaw...age-labels.html Cheers! Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  13. Tasting privileges for non-craft distilleries! When will it happen?!

    The Governor signed SB 6226 on March 27 and the law will be effective as of June 12, 2014. Congrats! Cheers! Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  14. Great news everyone!

    The Governor signed the bill on March 27 and the law will be effective as of June 12, 2014. Congrats! Cheers! Niloufar (Nilly) Park
  15. Wine Growlers

    Although not related to distilled spirits, I thought you may find it interesting to learn about Washington State and TTB regulations regarding wine growlers. http://www.alturalaw...y-near-you.html Cheers! Niloufar (Nilly) Park