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  1. Just received DSP/WSLCB

    Congratulations! I hope to stop try your spirits soon! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your insurance and TTB bond needs. Cheers,
  2. Aloha! Hawaii distiller now in WA

    Hi Shel, Welcome to the Seattle area! I am looking forward to meeting you in the future. If you decide at any time to start your own distillery, I am more than happy to help you with your bonding and insurance needs!
  3. 2 Loons Distillery

    Congratulations on your opening! I am looking forward to trying your spirits in the future. Please let me know if you need any assistance with your distillery insurance or bonds, I work with several companies to find the best rates for you. Good luck, and I hope you are very successful! Kind Regards, Dianna Connelly
  4. Hello Mark,

    Welcome to the forum, it's nice to learn a little about your business. I work with distilleries, and wineries and assist them with there bond and insurance needs. I would love the opportunity to talk with you more to see how we could network. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Kind Regards,

    Dianna Connelly

    425-806-0401 direct

  5. Seeking Used Fermentation Tank

    HI Patti & Mike, Just came across some fermentation tanks for sale at Passoinvineyards@cs.com ..206-334-0178 (Issaquah) they are advertising in Classifieds NW via Wine Business.com. http://www.winebusiness.com/classifieds/nw/ I saw your post the other day, and though this may be an option. Hope you find what you are looking for! Cheers, Dianna
  6. Hello Brian, are you going to be opening a distillery up in the Snohomish area? What are you planning on producing?

    Have a great weekend, and welcome!


  7. CPA Recommendation

    Hi Jeff, I realize your post is old, but if you need someone in the future, Pam Shepodd has winery experience. Her cell phone is 206-919-2760. Have a great weekend! Dianna
  8. CPA

    Hi Bryan, I realize this post is old... but if you need a person in the future, Pam Shepodd has experience in the wine industry, her cell phone is 206-919-2760.
  9. Seeking Used Fermentation Tank

    Hi Mike & Patti, Have you by chance checked in with some of the wineries in the area? That may be an option as well. I believe you can find adds for equipment being sold via wine business network as well. Hope you have found something before I saw your post! Best Regards, Dianna
  10. New Member

    Wow, what an exciting new adventure! Enjoy your trip to Europe as well! It's exciting to see all of these new distilleries getting started here in WA. Please let me know if I can answer any of your questions in regards to the distillers bond or insurance you will need down the road. I specialize in Distillery and Winery insurance. Best Regards, Dianna Connelly 425-806-0401 direct
  11. According to an article from The Oregonian, money continues to flow into the effort to privatize Oregon liquor sales.The distilled Spirits Council of the United States donated another $100,000, being a total of $300,000 so far. Combined with large contributions from Safeway and Fred Meyer, the grocery based group raised about $2,000,000. Opponent of privatization also are raising money to fight a possible November ballot measure. Oregon Beverage PAC, which represents beer and wine distributors, recently received a $63,200 donation from Young’s Columbia. They are one of the biggest contributors in the Northwest. What is this initiative all about? Privatization backers, who call themselves Oregonians for Competition, want to allow retail stores with more than 10,000 square feet to be able to stock and sell liquor. They’re working on an initiative that would make wholesale changes in the way booze is bought and sold in the state. Where are we today with this battle? At this moment, the continued wrangle over the issue has slowed down the process of anything getting accomplished. Supporters can’t start collecting signatures until the dispute if resolved. What do consumers have to say? “We’ll be paying more for a worse selection of both booze and food, and replacing local businesses with international corporations. No thanks” “Washington prices skyrocketed because lawmakers, in a fit of greed and vindictiveness, jacked up taxes on alcohol. I live in CA right now and liquor is sold in the grocery stores. There are also liquor stores who keep the doors open just fine. I patron both.” “The loss of revenue would be replaced in the form of a steep alcohol tax, just like Washington. There is no way that does not happen. You can say “limit the taxes” as much as you want, but that’s just a slogan, not a plan for replacing lost revenue.” What do you think?
  12. According to an article from the TTB Weekly News, there have been some major changes to the Permits Online program (PONL).The PONL is a web-based system that will facilitate and streamline the online submission, routing, and internal processing of original and amended applications to the Alcohol and Tabaco and Trade Bureau (TTB). Those applying for federal authorization to start a business in the alcohol, tobacco, or firearms and ammunition industries are no longer required to submit original documentation for bond forms and power of attorney forms. Although these forms can still be accepted, there is now a Permits Online System. Why is this system better? The TTB Permits Online system allows you to electronically file original applications and to amend those applications. Using this free system eliminates the need to complete and mail in most forms, which saves you time and effort and generally results in faster processing of your application Previously, applicants were required to submit paper copies of these forms, which could prolong the application approval process. With these changes, you can send bonds and Powers of Attorney forms to us electronically, eliminating the need to mail us paper forms. Expanding the uses of newer technologies is part of an ongoing effort to provide you with the programs and tools you need to help ensure a lawful, thriving future for our TTB-regulated industries. Click HERE for the Permits Online Customer User Guide, where is will help you follow the steps.
  13. Hi Kevin, it was great meeting you and Brian at the Snohomish Rocks event. I loved your Apple Pie Moonshine! I would love the opportunity to provide you with a competitve quote for the distillery. I work with a great prorgram.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


    Dianna Connelly


  14. Hello Andrew,I am in Bothell as well and specialize in distillery ins. As you get closer to your dream I would love to help you with insuring your business. And bonds as well.

    Cheers, Dianna Connelly 425-806-0401

  15. Greetings from Lacey!

    ~~~~~ Hi Sam, So sorry to have taken so long to respond! I just liked your facebook page as well. I love all the liquers you are making. I will need to make a trip out sometime to taste. If you need any help with insurance for your location, I specialize in Distilleries and wineries, and have some great programs. Best Regards, Dianna Connelly 425-806-0401