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  1. Blue Flame?

    If you give me your contact info I’ll pass it along. His name is Brian Morton. You could also check out Second Chance spirits.
  2. Square Processing

    Hello everyone, so I have been looking at this for years and haven't found a good setup. Does anyone have a good method for adding the Liter fee to their sales using Square. Right now the only option is a percentage and when you change the price of an item (i.e. discount) it discounts the Liter fee also. I am looking for a method in which it stays static and yet does not require another button push since we also sell online and don't want the customer to have to add a modifier. If no one has any work arounds then I ask maybe you can provide your emails if you are a square customer, because with enough requests for this to be added they may actually do it.
  3. 190 proof GNS & Fire Department Issues

    Hey John give me call. King County and Pierce are different but I have a couple ideas for you. 253-377-1379 Tom
  4. Square

    For anyone that uses square I would be interested in knowing if you've come up with a way to segregate the liter fee.
  5. January 9th Guild Meeting

    Thanks Steven
  6. I just saw your message. Do you still need answers?

  7. January 9th Guild Meeting

    Do you mean the 8th?
  8. I'm having a hard time finding the WSLCB rule that states no advertising of free tastings. I'm just trying to understand it better.
  9. Hi Tom,

    Could you kindly clarify, what tax dues should be paid by a Distiller while selling his 750 ml 80 proof vodka directly to retail stores in WA?

    As a Distributor should pay State Excise tax how the Distributor's tax portion will be calculated for a self-distribution scenario? And what does it mean $35.22 $ per gallon WA State Spirits Excise tax?

    Best regards,...

  10. Facebook Guild Pages for public general discussions?

    I think Gwydion is on the right track there. I think it would help make the public feel closer to us
  11. Hey Micah, I'd be glad to help with the TTB form if your still looking. I have mac products, iphone, IPad, imac. Let me know what I can do.


  12. Washington Corn

    Does anyone have knowledge of good sources for Washington Corn? I know this subject has come up before but it's been awhile and I haven't found anything useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Tom
  13. Startup Advice

    Hit me up I'll be glad to talk with you. Tom
  14. WSLCB phone interview

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. How did it go? I just had mine a couple months ago with Carolyn Lawson, Tom Sacco will be taking care of my final inspection.Just an FYI I just recieved my DSP today, it took approx. 100 days total. Good luck, hope all goes easy. Tom
  15. Greetings from Stealth Distillery

    Welcome, I too am in the permit phase, hopefully done by the end of march. I look forward to meeting you. Tom