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  1. New Member/tips on getting started

    Come out to the Mt. Index Brewery & Distillery. I'm always here, I'd be happy to help you out.
  2. 18 x 12 threaded aluminum ROPP caps

    You try General Bottle Supply? Not sure about the metal ones but they do carry the airline bottles and caps.
  3. 190 proof GNS & Fire Department Issues

    Look into running a closed system. For the first time I ran into fire inspection issues, and that is the way I'm leaning. It means modding your still and collection system a bit, but you might be able to avoid the heavy cost of replacing outlets, lights ect..
  4. Firearms in a DSP?

    This has been an on going argument with my brother, mainly due to the bear that shows up every year. I'm sure that if any firearms are obscured from public view you won't have any issues.
  5. review of tax and license proposals

    On the 17% are distillers included in this?
  6. review of tax and license proposals

    My bad on the multiple post. Lag.
  7. OK bear with me here I'm a little groggy from too much r/d work last night. this a review of the meeting minutes from 2-16-16. First I don't think we need the WA restaurant association or the retailers behind us, let them worry about their own industry. Besides if I remember correctly they have oposed us on other issues (who was aposed to the cocktails and 17%)? Lower taxes- We need to give up on the revenue neutral crap. It's a waste of time and money with a variable budget for the state. Reduce the liquor sales tax and base the liter tax on volume. You watch their will plenty of other bills passed this year by other industries that are NOT revenue neutral. I'll bet a bottle on it. One license- If the LCB is convinced that a single license is better, then let them do it to one of the other alcohol industries first. If it's such a good idea than it should work with either the winery or brewery industry as well.let them experiment with an already established industry.
  8. Washington Convention center distillery?

    How about just tearing the old one down and building a new one? I did the roof on that thing about 10 years ago, and let me tell you. Of all the buildings in Seattle, that is the one you don't wanna be in when a earthquake hits. There is symmetric cracking in all the concrete decks that follow the iron. Wonder if there smart enough to widen I-5 under it when they do. And I doubt the loss of revenue is because of the size, probably more due to traffic congestion. Hence the reason I don't make the trip to Seattle anymore.
  9. Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs Grand Opening!

    Congratulations! Looking forward to doing some sampling of your products this year at one of the tasting events.
  10. Newbs: learn from my mistake!

    It's the "attached to" thats killing you. I believe the federal law states it can't even be attached to a residence via a fence. It worried me a bit when I got our space, as I live next door in the apartments. Thankfully someone along time ago divided our property up into three lots probably because it used to be a lounge.
  11. Shipping

    Actually fed-ex will ship alcohol, it takes a few weeks to set up the account with them though. They need copies of your DSP, state license, ect.. Start by just setting up a normal account with them then give them a call or e-mail and talk to someone about alcohol shipping.
  12. Seeking "small" used fermentation tanks.

    Not at all. As long as you just use them for fermentation.
  13. Seeking "small" used fermentation tanks.

    Not sure if this is what your looking for but there quite affordable. Look at the cone bottom tanks.
  14. So does this license require food service? Private Club – Spirits, Beer and Wine $720 Allows a private club to sell spirits, beer and wine by the individual glass to members, visitors and guests for on-premises consumption. Beer and/or wine may be sold either on tap or in opened bottles or cans. Add-on Endorsements: Non-Club Event; Off-Premises Sale Wine Anyone ever been into a VFW or Legioners club to see if they have to serve food? It wouldn't be hard to charge a $5 membership fee or something for serving privileges.
  15. Powdered Alcohol - TTB Pulls Label Approval

    Space liquor mmmm. Sounds like it'll be expensive, and the author of the article is right. It won't take long for people to start snorting it.