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  1. "Tennessee Bottles for sale

    still have them?
  2. 350 gallon SS totes for sale

    I have 4-350 gallon stainless steel stackable totes for sale. Sanitary and good for storing, well pretty much anything. $1,300.00 each. Text or call 360-239-7272 or email
  3. Just saw a story about the 1.4 BILLION dollar expansion to the convention center with a distillery as a proposed cornerstone. Who's gonna step up for this?
  4. Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs Grand Opening!

    Way to go Sam !!
  5. Perhaps this should be addressed as a legislative issue for the upcoming session? It's a silly rule and might be an easy win to get in our column. Not to mention VERY beneficial to EVERY distiller in the state. Thoughts?
  6. 2 Loons Distillery

    Hi guys! Congrats on your opening!
  7. Newbs: learn from my mistake!

    Ah and don't forget to be in close contact with the fire marshal. There might be an IFC or IBC that covers this situation. I started with the fire marshal And it helped me avoid several potholes along the way. Steve Dalbey can help with those rules as well. Good luck !
  8. Urgent - FDA - Spent Grain Rules

    Bada boom! !
  9. Urgent - FDA - Spent Grain Rules

    Has there been a problem that has caused them to consider this?
  10. Fire protection engineer?

    Sent you a pm Sam.
  11. Fire protection engineer?

    Having sprinklers will put you in a better position than me as far as maximum allowed quarantines is concerned. Steve will be able to map it all out for your fire marshal. If you'd like to get together I will let you read the one he prepared for me. It was a 26 (ish) page report for if I remember for right around $ 250 bucks.
  12. Tasting privileges for non-craft distilleries! When will it happen?!

    The new one introduced last Wednesday will (IMO) be just as important. Lowering the state sales tax from 20 to 6% !
  13. Tasting privileges for non-craft distilleries! When will it happen?!

    I testified at both the Senate and the house hearings. Both chairs and all the committee members were in favor of the bill(s). As I spoke each one looked me in the eye and nodded their heads in agreement. When done, the Chairman stated that he fully supported what Will and I had to say. It's not done till its done but at this point it looks very promising.
  14. Lacey/Olympia and NGS
  15. Fire protection engineer?

    I had issues also. Steve did a great job writing a plan custom to our needs sighting chapter and verse. (and very reasonable on cost) I found that doing that tends to shut them up when they are making stuff up. yes, you have to do their job for them but if you don't then who will on your behalf? Give me a call if there is anything else that I might be of some help with. John