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  1. CALL TO ACTION: Federal Excise Tax Bill Update

    Certainly worth the few minutes it will take to pound out an email to your district representative. Have been in touch with Congressman Derek Kilmer here. He plans to visit the distillery in a couple of weeks to further discuss the issue. It's important to press your legislators not only to support the bill but also to co-sponsor the bill. Congressman Kilmer hasn't gone as far as becoming a co-sponsor as of yet but I will be urging him to upon his visit. Do NOT take no for an answer here folks! There is no conceivable reason for your legislator to oppose this bill. Here is the Congressman's response to my initial email; Dear Joshua, Thank you for contacting me about H.R. 4083, the Distillery Excise Tax Reform Act. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me on this issue. Prior to joining Congress last year, I spent the last decade working in economic development for a living. When I worked at the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County I met with roughly 200 businesses a year to try to help them grow and succeed. The issue of tax fairness and regulatory certainty were continual themes in those meetings. It is critical that we reform tax policies that impede economic growth, ensuring we have a tax code that helps our small businesses succeed and encourages employers to invest in America. Rep. Christopher Gibson (N.Y.) introduced the Distillery Excise Tax Reform Act. The bill would decrease the excise tax on spirits from $13.20 to $2.70 per gallon for the first 100,000 proof gallons produced in the calendar year. When I served in the State Legislature, I supported a number of bills focused on helping our craft distilleries (defined by the Washington State Liquor Control Board as distilleries producing less than 60,000 gallons a year). I think this bill could be a real benefit to our craft distilleries, and I'm inclined to support it. I hope the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on this legislation so that we can see how to best support local distillery businesses. As the bill moves forward, I'll certainly keep your advocacy in mind. I encourage you to continue to share your views with me on this topic and any other issue. Thank you for reaching out. It is an honor to serve as your representative. Sincerely, Derek Kilmer Member of Congress
  2. Craft Cocktail Sales in Tasting Rooms - when will it start?

    All for this Justin! Thank you for your diligence regarding the issue!
  3. Hello from Anacortes

    Have done 2 of these with H2O in Anacortes. Allen and Tony are great hosts and each event has been a success. Highly recommended! Cheers! Josh Mayr Wishkah River Distillery
  4. New Laws effective as of July 28, 2013

    "Subject to other provisions" Anybody have an idea what those provisions might be?
  5. Just wanted to extend a thank you to all who helped organize a great event on Saturday. Especially those who are members of the guild. Knowing how much work goes into just running and maintaining a distillery as a successful business, let alone organizing large scale events for the benefit of all in the industry,....... I wanted to throw out a big THANK YOU to those who helped with our first annual Proof! Steven Stone, Jason Parker, the folks at Letterpress, Total Wine & More, Jaguar, the folks at Varsity Communications........ (feel free to include others I'm sure I'm leaving out),....... THANK YOU! We at Wishkah River had a great time, met a lot of great people, and were very impressed with how well everything went. Looking forward to next year's event! Cheers everyone! Josh Mayr Wishkah River Distillery
  6. When That 'Local,' 'Craft' Liquor You Pay Big Bucks for Is Neither

    Great article thank you for sharing. My 2 cents? Rebottlers certainly deserve to be called out on their practices although I think the microscope should be turned on the bigger "premium" brands who execute what was described in the article as a matter of daily production practices. Personally, I don't see a single one of the members of this guild as "competition" and frankly neither should anyone else here. That is, of course, you feel content with fighting over less than 1% of market share nationally. Doesn't seem to make much sense to me and pointing out the flaws of other craft distillers only serves to sour the consumer on the industry as a whole. Anyhow thank you for sharing. I'll try to be more active here when I can. The road is keeping this distiller busy :) Cheers! Josh
  7. distillery software

    Hi guys! We use it and like it. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line. Josh Mayr Wishkah River Distillery 360-612-4756 main 360-591-2123 cell