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  1. Hello, Selling two Hillbilly Flute columns. 1- 4 plate 1- 6 plate I am willing to sell as a package or separately. Make an offer. Thank you
  2. May 19 Guild Meeting

    See you there.
  3. From DISCUS today:

    Is there anything we could do to help out the process?
  4. Raising the Craft Limit - From 2L to 3L

    As long as the verbiage on the label conforms to the TTB standards I don't see a problem. If we feel that the TTB standards are not working wouldn't we take that up with the TTB not the state? I do not know much about marketing but it sounds like what is being described is a general concern for unscrupulous marketing practices. I agree with Orlin and I too think some marketing out there crosses the line and is designed to purposely mislead consumers. People make a lot of money in marketing and have been known to cross the line here and there. Case in point, there are a number of Kentucky distilleries that would lead you to believe they are "hand crafted" and give the same local vibe that we are discussing. But if a consumer did just a basic search they would find that most of them our simply churned out in volume by one of the major distilleries in Kentucky. Such as the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD) Company. They are responsible for a number of boutique brands that I am sure most consumers would believe are hand crafted and produced in unique distilleries. This is a short excerpt from an article about KBD. "In addition to marketing a number of its own brands, KBD also operates as a contract bottler for various brands that are owned and marketed by others. Most (perhaps all) of the brands that are owned by KBD do not actually identify KBD as the producing company on their labels. Instead the company does business under various fictitious company names. These other business names often correspond to the bottling brand names (such as the Old Bardstown Distilling Company for the Old Bardstown bourbon brand and the Noah's Mill Distilling Company for the Noah's Mill bourbon brand). KBD was not actually operating as a distillery during the period between the early 1980s and January 2012,[6][7] although the company had the word distillers in its name (and similarly used "distilling company" and "distillery" in the various company names that it printed on labels). This is not unique to the industry in Kentucky and yet the industry seems to be thriving. Less is more when it comes to licensing and regulation. I would much rather deal with a local distiller that has some ethical issues in their marketing than the state and added regulations and licensing.
  5. Raising the Craft Limit - From 2L to 3L

    Agree 100% and ready to help anyway I can.
  6. Raising the Craft Limit - From 2L to 3L

    Personally I don't see how most of this goes to streamlining the license issue. If we want to streamline it I recommend something similar to what Orlin outlined. The licenses would be nearly identical minus the fee, 17% and of course production capacity. Then, offer a tax credit no matter what license type you have. I think that would be far more beneficial to out local agriculture than the current structure. If you want to support agriculture beyond that start a charity or donate part of your sales. I also want to weigh in on the "craft" part of craft distilling. As Steven stated, craft has nothing to do with local. Why not let craft distillers make a great spirits using whatever they feel like? I would love to see a small batch rum or tequila come out of Washington. On the issue of distilleries just slapping labels on pre-made spirits and calling them theirs, I agree it does seem disingenuous. But this problem is not unique to Washington and is simply part of business. I can't tell you how many Whiskeys I have seen that are either made by someone else in KY or even worse...Canada. Even in that climate Buffalo Trace and numerous others seem to be squeaking out a profit. What I find alarming is that some of us feel it is our duty to protect the integrity of spirits produced in Washington. Distilling is a a free market. Dictating how others conduct their business makes no sense to me, especially when we already have the TTB and the State to deal with. Let's work towards making the licenses more streamlined and then leave them alone.
  7. Raising the Craft Limit - From 2L to 3L

    I'm not the brightest guy in the world but it seems like the two licenses should be nearly identical except when it comes to production/output. Craft = lower output / less expensive Distillery = Higher output / more expensive Other than that we all should get to taste guests, sell to guests, etc.. Is anyone lobbying to simplify the two licenses? If so I am on board and will help out. This business is complex enough...Keep It Simple.
  8. Looking for Info

    Sorry, could not let that one pass. Send me an e-mail and I will send you some info.
  9. Looking for Info

    Never eat yellow snow.
  10. Raus,

    Sounds good. Feel free to e-mail or call anytime 206.464.7246 or

  11. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Thank you
  12. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Hello Mr. Stone, I do not appear to have access to the "Distiller's Resource" page. If you could grant me access it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cory Duffy Rain City Spirits
  13. Hello Jason,

    I volunteered to be on the Events/Promotion committee tonight, but had to leave in a hurry and did not get you my info.

    You can reach me anytime at or my cell 206.852.4288.

    Thank you,

    Cory Duffy