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  1. http://www.strangertickets.com/events/40632368/2nd-annual-south-sound-spirits-gathering Thank you for your Guild support!
  2. Sept WDG Newsletter

    Click here to see the latest newsletter! Be sure to check out our new directory of Associate Members!
  3. Coriander Source

    Sheila at MySpiceSage has been great. https://www.myspicesage.com/
  4. Full link here: http://learnatcentral.org/craft-distilling-institute/professional-workshops-seminars/firing-up-your-craft-spirit-and-wine-sales/ Class Overview All brands go through four major phases, and how you navigate through these phases will determine your staying power and the legacy of your brand. Amp up your craft spirit and wine sales during this expert-driven panel discussion. Knowledge is power, and this class is packed with real-world, useful knowledge for the spirits and wine business. Learn how to bring your craft spirit or wine to market within the 3-tier system of distributors, retailers and bartenders, understand how to choose distributors and get tips on building effective long-term relationships with them. If your brand is ready to grow and you want to speak with the people that can help you facilitate an increase in your craft spirit and wine sales, join Chip Sellarole and a panel of experts (including Nathan Weber, Spirits Portfolio Manager for Vinum Importing and Distribution, and Brian Snyder, Director of Spirits & Distributor Networks for Click Wholesale Distributors) as they help you navigate the world of craft spirit distribution. During this panel, we'll cover the following topics: How to prepare your brand for self-distribution in the Washington market How to prepare your brand for entering into the 3- tier system How to build and manage your brand Navigating the twists, dips and turns of the 3-tier system When and how to choose a distributor Creating healthy distributor relationships Getting out of your sales rut Q&A panel discussion with key players in the 3- tier system REGISTER Learning Outcomes Speak with decision makers to learn about what they need from craft distilleries and wineries Gain insight into the 3-tiers of the industry -- distribution, retailers and bartenders Discuss real-world strategies for growing your business Who Should Take this Class? Established spirit and winery brands seeking to grow their existing business Startups that want actionable advice on marketing their wine and spirits Dreamers thinking of getting into the craft distillery or winery business Session Details Class ID: 6173 Instructor: Sellarole, Chip When: 1 Tu | 6/7/2016 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Total Number of Hours: 2 Where: Broadway Edison Bldg Room 1139B| 1701 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122 Fee: $65.00 | Get 10% off when you register with a friend! Additional Notes: Learn more about Chip Sellarole
  5. I've had several DSPs email me directly looking for the meeting dates & times. The list is included in all monthly newsletters, just as a reminder. I will also post this here. As a reminder, the Board meetings are OPEN to all paid members, but the General Meetings are where a lot of the meat & potatoes are. Travel is hard, so quarterly General Membership meetings were created last year & seem to be attracting higher attendance. When the next GM meeting is closer, I will post the place. Meetings always are from 6 pm to 8 pm on the dates below. [ADMIN UPDATE: The calendar is now working, so you can look there for all upcoming meetings and locations.] March 15 - Board meeting April 19 - Board meeting May 17 - General Membership meeting June 21 - Board meeting July 19 - Board meeting Aug 16 - General Membership meeting Sept 20 - Board meeting Oct 18 - Board meeting Nov 15 - General Membership meeting Dec 20 - Board meeting Please email vicepresident@washingtondistillersguild.com if you are interested in hosting a WDG meeting at your distillery. Must have space for 20+ ppl.
  6. My Simple License Issue Proposal

    I agree with John & AJ. Thanks for the input. The Board is currently discussing forming a separate committee to put forth a complete proposal of how this might work. I proposed we include at least one voice of each license on the committee to encourage exclusive forward momentum. If you are interested in being a part of this committee and committing 2-3 hours a week, perhaps bi-monthly for the next few months, please reach out to board@washigntondistillersguild.org What I propose: This is not a self-serving, agenda committee. This committee will work to unite the license types; begin creating a successful roadmap of a ten year plan for the WDG; propose subsequent legislation for the Guild to put forth & give the Board a better idea of where they will be headed when they step into Board rolls. I don't think a few active members should decide for a whole--if only because everyone is so darn busy running their own business--which, it turns out to be the case quite a bit. These committee meetings could be group Skype, conference calls, or in person. Preferably, having more than just Seattle distilleries involved would be ideal, although we will need folks that have a working knowledge of how to get this done, perhaps a bit of background.
  7. OPEN INVITATION Industry Round Table w/ Senator Murray's DC & WA Staff at 2bar Spirits. Details: Who: Local and DC Murray staff, including tax, trade, and small business policy leads; members of Washington state’s winery, grower, craft brewery, and craft distillery sectors What: Informal discussion of Federal policy issues relevant to the group, including Trade, Export-Import Bank, Federal Excise Tax, etc. When: Thursday, January 7, 2016; 6:00PM – 7:00PM Where: 2bar Spirits: 2960 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 Please RSVP to "nathan (at) 2barSpirits.com"
  8. A new consumer education resource for local craft distilleries

    To whoever posted this & anyone else who plans to use the forum to push their own agenda &/or advertise to our members: Please do not post rhetoric on our forum. This forum belongs to the Washington Distiller Guild, and is for it's PAID members. As a Guild, we work hard to support all distilleries, in whatever business plan they choose to operate. It is in the best interest of any & all small distilleries to support each other & their endeavors. Our forum is a resource used to support & promote conversation for paid members of the WDG, not for agenda pushing or selling ideas or items by groups for personal business gain. The forum, nor the members of the Guild are not here as a captive audience, for unpaid advertising. Please do not use it that way. If you'd like to advertise your agenda to our members, please email myself or the President of the Guild to be considered as an Associate Member. Cheers, Holly Robinson Owner Captive Spirits Distilling Vice President of the Washington Distillers Guild
  9. Hello all paid Washington Distillers Guild members- We are now accepting nominations for 2016 Washington Distillers Guild Members. Each DSP has one vote. Polls close 14 days since our Nov. 17th meeting, which is Dec. 14th. Please reply to this topic with your nominations & votes. Please encourage other paid members to also cast vote. An example: One distillery nominates Joe Smith. Another distillery will respond by voting for Joe Smith, or nominating someone of their choosing. A few rules about voting from our bylaws (see full bylaws attached): Article 4: Representation 1. Voting Rights: For the purposes of voting for the Board of Directors and its officers or any other official Guild business, each Regular Member shall have one vote. Only active members in good standing, or their representatives, are entitled to cast votes in matters of the Guild. 2. Nominations for Board of Directors Positions: Nominations may be submitted any time following the start of the annual general membership meeting and will be closed 14 days following the annual general membership meeting. There shall be no more than one individual representative nominated per distilling organization. Any Regular Member shall have the right to nominate a candidate, including him or herself. 3. Election to the Board of Directors: Voting for the Board of Directors will begin following the close of nominations and will last 14 days. Voting will occur via secure electronic means (email or WDG Forum). In the event of a tie, a coin flip will decide the election. 4. Vacancies: If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice President shall serve as President for the remainder of the term. Vacancy in the office of Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or a non-officer Director position shall be filled for the balance of the unexpired term by nominee(s) submitted by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. Washington Distillers Guild Bylaws - Approved (2).pdf
  10. November Newsletter

    Cut and paste this link for the Nov. 2015 newsletter! http://eepurl.com/bBxqyb
  11. Fall WDG Legislation Update

    FALL WDG Legislative Update The WSLCB is in the final stages of its adoption of rules to implement WDG legislation which passed during the 2015 legislative session. The WDG has successfully worked with the WSLCB to ensure the proposed rules mirror the intent and language of the legislation. The WSLCB is accepting written comments on the proposed rules until November 4 at which time a public hearing will be held, followed by a Board meeting on November 18 where the Board will be asked to adopt the rules. Proposed rules are linked here if you wish to review (see “15-15 Liquor Legislation implementation”). Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the proposed rules or new laws. It has come to our attention that some members who are trying to secure contracts with private carriers (e.g. FedEx) for shipping purposes are being denied this option. Please let us know immediately if you are facing this problem. We are working with lawmakers on possible remedies and it’s helpful to identify specifically where and what we are facing. In addition to working with the WSLCB, the WDG is participating in active discussions with legislators and other stakeholders regarding the state spirits tax structure. We continue to advocate for a more balanced structure that will benefit our members and our customers. We are also in the stages of developing our goals and objectives for the 2016 legislative session which begins in January. The ‘short’ 60-day session will be fast paced so narrowing our priorities will be key to our success. WDG is proud of the legislative accomplishments we have made in just the past few years and look forward to your input and feedback as we craft our next steps to make for a more competitive and fair playing ground for our members. We are looking for members to highlight their distilleries through legislative tours and events. Giving legislators a hands-on experience in their own district further strengthens our presence and voice in Olympia. If you are interested in helping us with such tours or events please let us know!
  12. October Newsletter

    Please see our Facebook page for full link & accessibility to our October newsletter. https://www.facebook.com/groups/washington.distillers.guild/ Or by the link here: http://eepurl.com/bA_BWP
  13. http://washingtondistillersguild.us10.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=91fa5199c29d943fe797687c7&id=d920f566f4 Please head to our WDG Facebook page to sign up. The forum isn't allowing the signup form to work from here. Thank you!
  14. FET Panel Discussion Video

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  15. FET Panel Discussion Video

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