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  1. BROVO Spirits is looking for two production people to start immediately. Send an email with a resume to: Production Staff: We are a small liqueur distillery and winery focused on modifiers. We have been growing significantly over the past few years and this year added curacao to our line up. As a result, we need to add two people to support production. We don’t distill liquor the traditional way- we work more with infusion and finishing than distillation. In any given day you could be doing the following: · Transferring and mixing down base spirits for infusion · Ordering ingredients, receiving them and inputting them into our inventory management system · Filling socks (yes, we said socks) with herbs and spices · Squeezing socks to work the flavor through · Do math, lots and lots of math. Calculate how much simple syrup into the base infusion. Calculate how many cases of product a specific gallonage will yield. Determine how many gallons of base need to be started to create a specific number of finished cases. · Complete state and federal reporting forms · Setting up and pumping product · Perform lab still distillate runs to test proof, then adjust to proof · Transferring product to finishing tanks · Cooking simple syrup, a lot of simple syrup · Preserve and protect the business values of the company, and support the business mission as required · Writing an email, building a spreadsheet, writing a recipe · Bottling, capping and labelling · Cleaning tanks, barrels, bottles or equipment · Completing monthly inventory counts · Maintain equipment and operate the forklift · Open and close the production facility and engage the security system · Doing research and development work on new products · Updating and documenting the day’s work · Respond to your managers and directors requests promptly with absolute transparency, accuracy and quality of advice and information. · Building pallets and moving pallets around by forklift · Posting on social media, fulfilling web orders, giving a tour of the operation · Sampling consumers at public events · Other activities as directed The primary job of these two positions is the ongoing production and bottling of orange curacao. Requirements: Be at least 21 years old. Have a passion for small batch spirits. Be a good communicator, articulate and friendly. Interested, prompt and eager to learn. High level of personal hygiene. Be organized and able to organize your day to fulfill all production needs. Able to work unsupervised. Be a self starter with a high level of initiative. Ability to work in a dynamic environment where things change frequently. Able to lift 50lbs. Must be able to lift, kneel, climb and walk without issue; must be able to stand for extended periods of time. Be mechanically inclined with the ability to operate machinery such as pumps, valves, compressors and ultrasonic homogenizers. Safety conscious at all times towards self and others. Respectful of machinery. Must have a flexible work schedule to accommodate production needs, including nights and weekends. Must have reliable transportation and a valid WA driver’s license. No felony convictions or charges. All applicants may be subject to a background check. Prior knowledge of distillery or winery operations is a bonus. Sense of humor is greatly appreciated, as is a love of music. We work hard and are dedicated to our craft. This is a serious job and we are a tough crew. There’s a lot of opportunity to do interesting and innovative work at BROVO. We value people who are honest, hardworking and fun. We are open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. Overtime is sometimes required. We offer a base hourly wage, overtime and a comprehensive healthcare package.
  2. SS Tanks for sale

    we are interested. can you email me at or call me at 206-496-2613. thanks, Mhairi broVo Spirits
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    thanks Steven. it works.
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    Gwydion- can you add me as well? thanks, Mhairi
  5. 11/21/11 Teleconference Notes

    Marc, we have had a similar experience in terms of the COA. Kimberley sent us to heidi. She told us we had them already.
  6. hi there My business partner and I would be interested in talking with you about WA state GNS availability. My email address is Thanks! Mhairi