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  1. We are a federally licensed established distillery for sale. $100,000 OBO We have distribution in Washington (the largest distributor in the country) and Montana at present and a number of local stores growing, with bars and of course Total Wine and More carries our products statewide. We have a reasonably priced location and liquor stock, in bulk, barrels, and bottles, and labels to continue production. I will help the new owners with the paperwork transfer if they choose to keep the name, it's about as turn-key of an operation as you could hope for. If you are interested. I will send you a copy of our stock and equipment for your consideration. I also have a lead on 16,500 gallons of red wine that you could pick up for $2.00 /gallon to make brandy. I have a list of products we produce. Please contact me by phone or email. Sincerely, Howard V. O. Johnston 425-691-9900 drycountydistillery.com howard@drycountydistillery.com
  2. New Member/tips on getting started

    Come by after next Wednesday and we'll talk. Dry County Distillery, Marysville
  3. SODO Distillery

    I need to get in contact with SODO. In everything my Wife has on her plate, she missplaced your phone number. Please give me a call. Howard
  4. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Please add me to the Distiller's Status.
  5. July 8th Meeting

    Marysville will be there.
  6. July 8th Meeting

    What is the likelihood of having the meeting on Sunday or Monday?
  7. New in Marysville

    I am in the city, Downtown Marysville. Howard Johnston 425-442-7158
  8. March/April Meeting suggestions....

    Marysville will come most likely with 3 total. What time? HoJo
  9. New in Marysville

    How's your plans coming? -Also from Marysville
  10. Newbie

    Hello all! I am working on putting my business plan together and wading through the paperwork. I am a Manufacturing Planner by trade with a BA in Law and Justice. Working toward getting out of the rat race and into my own place. I am excited about this venue and the opportunity it represents to communicate with like-minded folks. Howard Johnston