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  1. FET Panel Discussion Video

    The link is missing...
  2. Where is that big still going?

    No. It's not ours.
  3. Where is that big still going?

    You can never have too many Forsyth stills.
  4. ADI forums down?

    I had trouble the day before last. The forums are up now.
  5. Hey Micah, I'd be glad to help with the TTB form if your still looking. I have mac products, iphone, IPad, imac. Let me know what I can do.


  6. Excess botanicals for sale

    I've got more botanicals right now than I need and would like to unload some. Coriander seed (My Spice Sage) $2.66/lb - 40 lbs Licorice root (Star West) $7.40/lb - 5 lbs Lemon peal (My Spice Sage) $7.99/lb - 40 lbs Angelica root (My Spice Sage) $8.30/lb - 4 lbs Grains of Paradise (Star West) $13.25/lb - 10 lbs I'm pretty sure those are the correct prices; you'd be saving shipping. Pick up at Copperworks or I might be able visit local folks for a delivery. I prefer to sell by the pound but I'm easy. Micah
  7. Age Alcohol in the Bottle! I need help.

    So, to clarify, you are looking to partner with somebody in order to sell your product either by itself or packaged together (but not installed - like the "do-it-yourself" barrel and bottle kits). Is that correct?
  8. February 17 Guild Meeting

    Yes, please.