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  1. Business Value Analysis

    We are thinking we will need to buy our partner out soon, does anyone know how to evaluate the worth of a distillery and ciderworks? Or who can do this kind of thing?
  2. Hello from Port Steilacoom Distillery

    You have to have your DSP before you can do the online registration for COLA to submit a label for approval. My experience is that you submit the label as soon as you can, it takes them a month to look at it. Once they start looking, though, they respond within a day or two to changes if you need to make them. Don't do anything to annoy them, though. You are completely at their mercy.
  3. mash pump for sale

    Last summer we bought a Kiesel 2" mash pump, thinking we would be producing apple eau de vie and apple brandy fermenting from mash instead of pressing for juice. We tried it on 700 gallons and didn't feel it was worth it, so this almost new pump and 50' of hose (in two sections) sits idle. Also has mash hopper for input side. Runs on 240 volts, two speeds. $6000 or best offer. Hawk 360 378-2606
  4. February 12, 2012 Guild Meeting

    We will miss -- be on our way to Vancouver. Hawk & Suzy San Juan Island Distillery
  5. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    We don't have access, please add San Juan Island Distillery. Thanks!