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  1. 2bar Bourbon Barrels for Sales

    Hello, We are getting ready to bottle our latest batch of 2bar Bourbon and have a number of barrels coming available. These are 15 gallon barrels with a level 3 char. Of course, with bourbon they have only been used once and have a wonderful butterscotch, vanilla and honey character to them. Bourbon Barrels: 1 barrel: $180/ per barrel >5 barrels: $170 / per barrel >10 barrels: $150 / per barrel Barrel Racks: 1-4 racks @ $40 / rack >5 racks @ $30 / rack Let me know if you want them as they tend to go fast! Have a great weekend, Nathan Kaiser nathan (at) 2barSpirits.com
  2. We have 15 gallon barrels and barrel racks coming available next Tuesday: USED BOURBON BARREL 1 barrel: $200 / per barrel 2-5 barrels: $180 / per barrel >6 barrels: $160 / per barrel Barrel Racks for 15 Gallon Barrels: x1 @ $45 / rack x5 @ $40 / rack x8 @ $30 / rack They tend to go fast. Email me if you would like to reserve one or more. Regards, Nathan Kaiser, owner 2bar Spirits - 100% handmade from local grains nathan@2barSpirits.com
  3. When: Monday, September 21st Time: 6:00pm at 2bar Spirits Provided: We will have appetizers and drinks Invited: All WA State distilleries RSVP: "FETdiscussion (at) 2barSpirits.com" The FET is a huge cost that all of us bear and hopefully we can engage with Senators Murray and Cantwell, in addition to our Representatives to reduce this huge cost on our businesses. As WA hosts the largest number of distilleries in the state, we should have our Federal representatives onboard with this legislation.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am looking to purchase: * forklift extensions 4-5" by 72" * 500g mixing/proofing tank Please email me at 'nathan@2barSpirits.com' if you are looking to sell. Thanks!
  5. 2bar Bourbon Barrels for Sales

    We have a number of 2bar Bourbon barrels and barrel racks coming available in two weeks. Ping me if you are interested at "nathan@2barSpirits.com".
  6. Hi Nathan,

    Could you kindly clarify, what extra tax dues should be paid by a Distiller while selling his 750 ml 80 proof vodka directly to retail stores in WA?

    As a Distributor should pay State Excise tax how the Distributor's tax portion will be calculated for a self-distribution scenario? And what does it mean $35.22 $ per gallon WA State Spirits Excise tax?


  7. We have bourbon barrels available for sale. These are 15 gallon, medium char barrels that were emptied Monday evening. Email or call me for pricing and availability. Thanks - Nathan Kaiser nathan@2barSpirits.com 206.801.1113
  8. We just received a postcard for the Northwest Grocery Association Business Development Seminar, which markets "opportunities for the Northwest's Craft Distillers Include: meet w/ retail buyers" etc. etc. Has anyone been to one of these? Was it helpful and worth the time and expense? Details: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel & Conference Center Monday, June 30 2014 1:00pm - 6:00pm Call 503.685.6293 to RSVP or request more information. Thanks - Nathan
  9. Source Mash Tun & Fermenters

    We are looking to source some additional hardware: Mash Tun: * steam jacketed * stirring rakes w/ motor * includes sparge arm * produces 400 gallon of wort * manway for cleaning * includes sight glass * includes clean-in-place system * manway ~30 inches above the floor at the same level of false bottom * price should include a false bottom Fermenter * 3-5 units: * 800 gallon effective charge of wort * cooling jacket * manway for cleaning * includes sight glass * includes clean-in-place system Please let me know if you have this equipment or know someone who does and is looking to sell. You can contact me directly at nathan@2barSpirits.com. Thanks!
  10. UPDATE: I have found a local source that is selling the barrel racks for $45 / rack. I also have 15 gallon barrel racks on sale for $45. Just pick them up at the distillery! ---------------------------- I have been purchasing quite a few barrel racks from a Walla Walla company. If you are interested in racks, we can batch up our orders to save both on shipping ($75 for a pallet of 40 racks vs $75 for 4 racks) as well as per unit pricing on the racks themselves ($115 list to $45 / rack if we buy more than 20). 40 racks fit on a pallet. Currently, we are ordering racks for 15 gallon barrels, but are looking at upgrading to 30 gallon barrels and racks over time.
  11. Looking for barrels and IBC totes

    I would suggest contacting Colleen Hardee <colleen.hardee@iconserv.com>. They are in South Seattle and provide new and used IBCs at a great price.
  12. Hello from Silverdale

    Congrats and best of luck! Nathan Kaiser 2bar Spirits
  13. Startup Advice

    Feel free to stop 2bar Spirits anytime. We are always happy to chat. Good luck! Nathan Kaiser nathan@2barSpirits.com
  14. Passing on Federal Excise Tax

    Here are the results so far: (updated 11/06/2013 at 9:26am) Do you pass on the Fed Excise Tax: 3 * YES 7 * NO Do you pass on the WA Liquor Fee: 7 * YES 3 * NO
  15. Passing on Federal Excise Tax

    I am curious as to how many distilleries pass on the federal excise tax to their customers when they purchase directly. I have noticed a few doing it, but wanted to see if anyone else was doing so. Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qxRmEWcxm3mT9ewHrLVRCSny_-0fu_KBuDoCYW1pQOg/viewform I will share responses when I have them on this thread. Thanks, Nathan Kaiser 2bar Spirits 206.801.1113 | nathan@2barSpirits.com