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  1. Chestnut enhanced corn whiskey

    Gwydion, my early morning mistake without my second cup of coffee. That should have read clear 100% corn whiskey. I'll edit that. That's why my subject matter was chestnut enhanced corn whiskey. Thanks Lee
  2. After 2 years, I have developed a 100 % dried chestnut product formulation that can change straight corn whiskey into a beautiful rich amber spirit, that tastes like aged whiskey. The process takes 2 hours and the product costs less than a dollar to transform a gallon of clear straight corn whiskey. Very minimal filtration is required after processing. It's a quick and unique way to get a corn whiskey product on the shelf that resembles aged whiskey, without a year of waiting and a new oak barrel. If you produce corn whiskey and would like to see how it works let me know and I'll send you a sample that is enough to do 16 oz. This formulation is not designed for vodka, but for 40% ABV, quality single distillate corn whiskey. Contact Lee Williams at:
  3. fruit crusher/press

    Johno, How's the search for press going? I've had to improvise on a lot of equipment I needed to process chestnuts. You might try looking into a smaller [5-10 gallons] commercial potato peeler. It would abrade the flesh off the pits and the flesh and juice will drain through the hose at the bottom of the chamber into your collection container. The pits will stay in abrasive chamber. When the door is opened the de-meated pits are spun out into a hand held container. I modified the one I have with # eight silicon carbide crystals epoxyed to contact surfaces to shell dried chestnuts. They're pretty tough skinned but I can do a fifty gallon barrel in about an hour and a half. I'm sure processing fruit would go much faster. Trailsend
  4. Where is that big still going?

    I assume by that you meant it going to you. LOL
  5. Where is that big still going?

    Forsyth is a still manufacturer in Scotland. That's where in came from. Probably shipped to Portland and being delivered to a successful or new distiller with lots of money in Seattle.
  6. Used 2bar Bourbon Barrels Available

    Don't need barrels but I love you logo design. Had to take a second look. Great conception.
  7. Where is that big still going?

    was it headed north or south and where did you see it?
  8. For sale: 90 gallon upright stainless fermentation tank. Double walled bowl shaped contoured bottom set up for gas burner heating or warming with large cleaning drain valve. Four [4] varying height racking portals with two [2] SS valves and pipe nipples. Sealable lid.
  9. Seeking Used Fermentation Tank

    I've got a 250 gallon heavy duty doubled walled milk cooling tank complete with electric stirring paddle. Any interest please repl.
  10. 20 Plate filter

    20 plate filter. Manufacture St Patrick's . New, never used. Self contained, self priming food grade pump. 50% 0ff new price. Call for info. 1 509 765 9322
  11. Nice great condition heavy duty 40 gallon SS small batch or test still. Currently wired at 220 1Phase. Can be 3Phase. Self contained steam jacket heat chamber. Thermostat controlled. Complete with heavy duty water cooled condenser, Set up with goose neck top and extra large upper "thumper" cone.
  12. Washington Corn

    Tom there's lots of WASHINGTON grown corn over in the Moses Lake area. If you haven't found a source let me know and I can point you in the right direction. A lot of eastern U.S. grown corn ends up in the west side grain facilities for export so you might not be able to certify the 51% requirement. Lee
  13. Tennessee Whiskey Debate

    Read an article about some new state laws in Tennessee about allowing changes in specific procedures required for whisky production. Sounds like some producers want to change and eliminate barrel aging with other methods. Can they do this and still comply with ATF Standards of Identity? Article was in the Capitol Press 3/21/14.
  14. Age Alcohol in the Bottle! I need help.

    Simply put, "Aging" is a chemical process of sorts, that allows spirits to mellow and change by breathing though the oak of a barrel over periods of time. Bottled spirits with a piece of charred oak enclosed in the bottle would simply be an infusion of the spirit with the oak and not true aging. Trailsend
  15. Age Alcohol in the Bottle! I need help.

    Hummmm! What do you propose to classify this "bottled aged spirit" product under?? Gwydion Stone posted an article in 11 October 2011 on Standards of Identity for distilled spirits. You should probably read this to understand aging procedures required by ATF for Class 2; whiskies and other oak aged products [Class 4] such as brandy.