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  1. 18 x 12 threaded aluminum ROPP caps

    Hi, Does anyone know where we can purchase smaller quantities of the 18 x 12 threaded aluminum ROPP caps for our 50ml bottles? Thanks much! David
  2. Shipping Product

    Thank you Gwydion. Appreciate the help!
  3. Shipping Product

    Hello, We recently sent 10 cases of product over to Massachusetts via FedEx and it ended up getting destroyed and sent back due to their careless mishandling. Does anyone know of an alternate and cost effective way to get product over there? Any contact information or freight company name that anyone's had good experience with would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, David Sidetrack Distillery
  4. Proof Planning Meeting - June 9th - Local 360

    We will be there.
  5. May 19 Guild Meeting

    We'll be there.
  6. Captive Spirits Big Gin wins big!

    Congratulations on your Best of Category/Gold Medal win at the American Distilling Institutes Spirits Judging. Great job!!!
  7. Congratulations to Justin & Jennifer on the Grand Opening of their beautiful new distillery, Heritage Distilling Company, this weekend!
  8. Congratulations to Sidetrack Distillery

    Thanks so much guys! We feel very honored to have won this award!!!
  9. February 12, 2012 Guild Meeting

    We'll be there too!
  10. Tales Of The Cocktail - Vancouver

    Hey Skip, Forget about tales of the cocktails. you have more important things to think about. ---- Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Let's have a toast at the next meeting.
  11. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Thanks Steven! Now it makes sense, we couldn't figure out how to vote for officers (duh)!!!
  12. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    We don't have access either. Thank you Gwydion.
  13. Wishkah River Distillery Tasting Room now open

    Congratulations Sue!
  14. March/April Meeting suggestions....

    Count 2 in from Sidetrack Distillery. Thanks, Larry
  15. Lowering Federal Excise Taxes

    How do you sign the petition?