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  1. Fermentation space in your vessel

    Hi, Fermenters generally have 20% freeboard, who's the term describing the headspace above the liquid. It's important to have enough freeboard to prevent blowout from losing too much volume.
  2. Copperworks Distilling is looking for a full time production, retail sales, brand ambassador to come on board asap. Copperworks produces American Single Malt Whiskey, Gin, Cask Finished Gin, and Vodka all starting from a high-quality beer (without hops). Copperworks Distilling Company is located on the Seattle, WA waterfront across the street from the Great Wheel, and 2 blocks south of the Pike Place Market. Please visit our website at www.CopperworksDistilling.com to learn more about us. If we look like a good fit for you, please submit your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to Service@CopperworksDistilling.com by July 21, 2017. --------------------------------------------------- Full Time: Distiller, retail sales, and brand ambassador Copperworks Distilling, located on the Seattle waterfront, is looking for an intelligent, motivated, and enthusiastic person to join our team. As a successful distillery in a growth phase, Copperworks can offer significant opportunities within the company to the right individual. Come grow with us! In the cellar you will be primarily responsible for: Assisting with contract wash production at our various partner breweries: CIP of fermenters, receivers, hoses, and fittings Fermentation management and recording Assisting with bottling General cleaning and equipment maintenance (floors, forklift, ph meter, etc.) Barrel management and recording In the stillhouse, you will assist with most aspects of production, including: Assisting with the distillation of spirits Charging stills to correct proof and volume Cleaning stills Logging distillation data during production Transfering, weighing, and proofing spirits You will create a superlative customer experience by performing public and back-office duties, including: Tasting room opening and closing procedures Serving customers in the tasting room Preparing orders for shipment and assisting in managing shipping supplies Assisting in backroom inventory Representing Copperworks at various events both on-site and at off-site locations Job Requirements: The ideal candidate is highly motivated, enthusiastic, and exhibits both a love for production and comfort in communicating with the public. Two years of cellar experience in a production distillery or brewery is preferred. MAST Certified or certification within 60 days of employment Working weekend days, holidays, and evenings will be required 21 years of age or older Valid driver’s license and can operate (or willing to learn to operate) a 26’ box truck Ability to operate forklift, material lift, and pallet jack (training and certification provided) Ability to lift at least 55 lb., move at least 180 lb., and work standing for several hours Ability to work safely around chemicals, heights, loud noises, and wet environments A strong interest in or passion for distilled spirits history, use, production, and science Benefits: Two weeks paid time off Employee Discount on all products 401K (eligible to enroll after 12 months of employment) Competitive salary, dependent on experience
  3. Small's Family Farm Intro

    Hi Seth, Thanks for joining the WDG as an associate member. We're starting to plan a few farm visits this summer and would love to come see your fields and mill. I'm very excited about the Salmon Safe certification--we just received our first batch of 16,000 lbs Salmon Safe malt from Palouse Pint. I'm looking forward to exploring more varieties and malts from small farms. So let's stay in touch! All the best,
  4. Your Enzymes and Blue Agave Source

    Welcome aboard, JB! I'm looking forward to trying your glucoamylase enzymes in a batch of beer destined to become grain neutral spirits. Thanks for getting on the phone with me and helping me figure out the best process for this. I hope to see you at one of our quarterly meetings some day. Cheers!
  5. Business Value Analysis

    I used Terry Greenke of Performa Co when doing some appraisals for an investment at Copperworks. He came highly recommended, and was priced about 30% lower than other business appraisers I was directed to. Your price will certainly vary based on how much of a comparison to other businesses in your industry you wish to perform. It's a big task, so expect to pay between $2,000 to $10,000. It will also require a lot of work on your part to get the documents together that are necessary for a valid appraisal. Terry can be reached at: bizappraizer@hotmail.com. All the best with this.
  6. IFC and barrel exemptions

    Size doesn't matter. On the first page of the attached Seattle Fire Code, which is based off the IFC, you'll find section 3401.2 Nonapplicability, with exceptions listed below. Exception 9 reads "The storage of distilled spirits and wines in wooden barrels and casks." Seattle Ficre Code - Chapter 34_Flammable and Combustible Liquids.pdf
  7. Meeting dates & times for 2016

    Hi Brian, Our August 16th meeting will be held at Bluewater Organic Distilling in Everett. Meeting begins at 6:00 for members and at 7:00 for non-members. We try to end by 8:00 p.m. Address is: 1205 Craftsman Way Ste. 109 Everett, WA 98201. Waterfront Center at the Port of Everett Marina See you there!
  8. Hello from the Columbia River Gorge

    Welcome Shara. It took a Google search to learn you were writing from Skunk Brothers Distillery. Thanks for saying hi. We enjoyed having you at PROOF again, and look forward to learning more about you as you grow. I'd love to visit you the next time I head south. Cheers!
  9. Meeting dates & times for 2016

    Just a reminder about tonight's meeting at Blackfish Spirits Distilling in Auburn, WA. Hope to see you tonight! At Blackfish Spirits Distilling 420 37th St NW, Auburn, WA 98001 Call with direction questions: (206) 920-5142 6pm - 7pm members only 7pm - 8pm open announcements Meeting Agenda Introduction to Allison Carney, contracted to help deliver more value to members. Allison will describe the projects she's helping kick off, including: Membership development and retention plans Board development and capacity-building Creation of 4 committees (Legislative, Events, Marketing, Education) Review the results of South Sound Spirits Gathering and share how PROOF 2016 is shaping up Outcome of meeting with LCB about licenses and privileges Legislative prioritization for 2017 Treasurer's report Open discussion We hope to see you there! Jason, Holly, Steven, Paco
  10. Earlier this week, I received the news that the 62 acre BelleWood Acres farm, store, distillery, and event space is for sale. If you don't already know of BelleWood, it's a destination location just off of I-5 in Whatcom County. Take a look at the attached flyers for more info. Here's the note I received from Mike Belisle, announcing the sale: Hi Jason, I believe you have heard of BelleWood Acres. We are a 62 Acres apple orchard and distillery in Whatcom County. My parents are retiring and I was really hoping you could share this wonderful business opportunity with your members. Please read the attached information. This is a fantastic opportunity to own a very valuable and successful business. We are selling the entire business, land, inventory, and properties for $5.5 million. This is below replacement costs. If you have any questions please call or email me. All the best, Mike Belisle 360-739-8142 BelleWood Properties-1.pdf BelleWood Income.pdf BelleWood Distillery.pdf BelleWood Brochure.pdf
  11. Spokane Clean air questions

    Hmmm. Easy enough to answer these questions, but my first response back would be along the lines of, "Answers to many of these questions will vary with the products we make, which will vary with market pressures, availability of raw materials, and other opportunities and challenges. This being mostly recipe and process information, therefore to be considered protected intellectual property (IP), before we submit answers, please list how each datum will be protected, and for what exact purpose it will be used." If they go to the trouble to answer to your satisfaction, then you may consider giving them this requested information. Otherwise, I'd involve a lawyer. Just my $0.02 worth.
  12. Mail Order retail sales

    Nope. No Spirit Sales Tax (20.5%) nor Spirit Liter Tax is collected.
  13. 190 proof GNS & Fire Department Issues

    Hi John, Your easiest bet is to develop a process whereby your Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs) are not exceeded. If your building is sprinklered, that is 240 gallons. Otherwise, it's 120 gallons. Can you develop a plan to operate within those limits? If not, can you create a control area for the storage of the high proof GNS? It can be a small room with no electrical used to store and proof the GNS. Just a few thoughts. If you need some architectural help, I know some folks who are specializing in this, and would be glad to put you in touch with them. Best of luck,
  14. I second Alex's remarks. Thanks, Lisa! We now have 22 folks who know a lot more than they did before about how to fill out all the TTB reports. Thanks for helping us stay out of jail!
  15. FYI, I finally registered (nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?) and sent these questions to Lisa. Looks like there have been several other questions submitted, so this should be good! Questions about form 5110.40 (PRODUCTION) report: PRODUCTION Scenario: My company makes an intermediate product (low wines) which are later distilled again into either GNS or Whiskey.If, at the end of the month I have a batch of low wines and a batch of feints on hand, how should I report them on the PRODUCTION report? (perhaps other alcohol? Perhaps I don't report them until they are a final product?) If I have made a batch of GNS, of which some is re-distilled to become vodka and some is re-distilled to become gin, I assume I show this as "received for redistillation"? How does this effect Part II, line 7 "From redistillation"? When doing the quarterly physical inventory, how do I account for the low wines and feints? In Part III, I report barrels of whiskey (or gin) barreled or moved into tanks, but still in production, correct? But once they are produced, I am also reporting them in Part I, line 11 as "Entered in Storage Account", correct?Questions about form 5110.11, the STORAGE report: PROCESSING Scenario 1: We've now made a variety of products from the base spirit I produced (GNS). I have vodka and gin, and have further barreled some of the gin.Products produced in prior months and stored in wooden barrels go on "On hand first of month", whereas products produced this month (from 5110.40, Part III), go into "Deposited in bulk storage", correct? When product sits in tanks for a few weeks, it may lose some proof. When I previously reported say 100 PF of alcohol over 190, but now have 99.98 PG, do I show the rest in line 22, "other losses"? Do I report liquor lost during transfer in hoses, tank bottoms, etc as "Loss" or as "Destroyed"?PROCESSING Scenario 2: I will take 5-6 barrels, dump them into a tank to blend them together, then put them right back into the barrels they were in so they can marry their flavors together. I'll keep them in for 3 months.How do I report this? Is it even necessary to? How do I report angels share? Are there any other details I need to report for this scenario? PRODUCTION Scenario: We've now bottled our product and have it sitting in the bonded warehouse. I remove some from bond and take it to the tasting room to stock the shelves, other I remove as needed to fulfill wholesale orders, and some I take to a Certified Bonded Warehouse (CBW).What does Form 5110.28, line 6, "Dumped for further processing" mean? Is that what's used to report when I emptying barrels for proofing When items are shipped out of the country, are they excluded from line 33, "withdrawn tax determined", and instead reported under line 36, " for exportation, ..."? Should Part IV always match the sum of lines 33 and 36, above? Form 5100.11, "Withdrawn for export", should match line 36, on this report, correct?
  16. New contact information

    Congratulations, Nilly! Feel free to drop by from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow to say hi and introduce yourself. It'd be good to see you again. Meeting location: Copperworks Distilling Co., 1250 Alaskan Way. Cheers!
  17. Hello, Just a quick reminder about tomorrow’s general membership meeting a Copperworks Distilling Co., Feburary 16th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. for members, 7:00 p.m. for non-members. Agenda: Legislative update HB-3677.1 lifecycle. Where the ideas came from. Why we joined them all into one bill. Why we didn't get feedback earlier. Why we pulled the bill. What we learned. HB-2701. We learned about it from Jim. WWI was willing to include us, but not at first. Bill didn't make it out of committee. We’ll discuss why. House Bill 1290: Increasing the number of tasting rooms allowed under a domestic winery license. Why we need to be included. Shipping direct to customers – current situation. 2016 budget and what we want to spend it on Selling futures – a great marketing opportunity, done right TTB Class - Deadline for registration is Feb 26. Collaborations across distilleries, like the Four Kings whiskey product. GSB legal offers help to members ACSA meeting - what do you want to push for federally? FET and shipping? WDG updates: Hiring staff for WDG Dues - moving to January in 2017 PROOF 2016 - Varsity contract signed. Newsletter for everyone on your team Forum software updated Hope to see you there! (For directions and parking info, click here.)
  18. Free Spirits Distilling Coming online

    Congratulations, Alex! And welcome to the WDG. Your spirits (the drinking kind) sound delicious and creative. And your Free Spirits (the thinking kind) sound equally as creative! It's great to see products from your own farm used in your products. As a fungophile myself, I can't wait to see what you can do with mushrooms as an ingredient! All the best to you, and please let us know if you ever need any help or advice. We've got loads of collective experience within the guild, so no need to go it alone. Cheers!
  19. Hello current and would-be WA distilleries, We just received an email from Kyle Prosser, a property broker putting together a big project in Tacoma. If you're interested in his proposal, please contact him directly. Here's his email: ------------------------- Jason & Holly, I hope this email finds you well. The reason I am reaching out to you is that I spoke with Matt Hoffman from Westland Distillers. He suggested I get in touch with you regarding a really fun, cool opportunity in Tacoma, WA. There is a ton of action in Tacoma right now – breweries opening all around our project (see map). McMenamin’s working on two different projects within a mile of us. Matt suggested that he thinks the best play would be getting a couple of different distilleries to consider leasing space as a tasting room of sorts and perhaps sharing back of house equipment for small batch production. Has a great lineup – Rhein Haus signed for 13,500 SF (www.rheinhausseattle.com ). Jimmy Johns signed. At lease with Starbucks. Please consider our Stadium Redevelopment project in N. Tacoma’s Stadium District. The center is anchored by Stadium Thriftway Grocery Store, which is doing over $600/SF with an average ticket of $16.00/SF and surrounded by multiple restaurants. The site is located in the densest part of Pierce County with close proximity to Multicare’s Tacoma General Hospital (3 blocks away), Franciscan’s St Joseph’s Hospital (6 blocks away), Stadium High School (1 block away - 1,400 students), and located in the heart of the residential core. We have recaptured the Premier Collision space on N. 1st St. where we will redevelop about 30,000 SF. Titus Will is vacated and we will be leasing out the 25,000 SF located directly over Stadium Thriftway fronting Division. The land directly across the street just closed with an Apartment Developer who plans on building 200+ residential apartment units. We have roughly 2,000 - 9,300 SF adjacent to Rhein Haus and 1,200 SF adjacent to Jimmy Johns and Starbucks. Based on the daytime population (both surrounding medical and Downtown Tacoma) and great neighborhood demographics, we feel like it would be a great fit for retail tenants – specifically distilleries. Would love to get you on site and buy you a drink! I also have attached a map that shows where local breweries have popped up in addition to 2 recent articles about breweries/restaurants coming to Tacoma. Tacoma Links: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thrillist/12-neighborhoods-across-a_b_8868756.html http://www.thenewstribune.com/entertainment/restaurants/tnt-diner/article54365610.html Regards, Kyle Prosser Broker First Western Properties – Tacoma, Inc. 6402 Tacoma Mall Blvd Tacoma, WA 98409 P (253) 284-3633 F (253) 472-0541 www.fwp-inc.com ------------------------ All the best! Stadium District Building Brochure 01-11-16.pdf
  20. Raphaël Germain-Robin--the son of Master Distiller Hubert Germain-Robin--is looking for employment. Please pass his resume on to anyone you think might be looking for an excellent distiller or assistant distiller. His resume and a recent published article from is attached, and his email to the WDG follows: Good day Washington Distillers Guild, Through your guild, I would like to inform your group that I am seeking employment as an Assistant Distiller and willing to relocate from Northern California. Guilds are close communities of craft distillers who stay in contact, so I thought I'd write this email to notify and get the word out. I want to learn everything I can and gain as much experience because I am a passionate individual in in this field. My name is Raphaël Germain-Robin and I have worked as an apprentice assistant distiller at Stillwater Spirits through the American Distilling Institute (ADI) where I had received an internship through Bill Owens the President of ADI. Following that internship, I had my article published in the ADI newsletter. I am looking to learn everything I can in all aspects of production from, whiskey, bourbon, rum, gin, brandy's, liquors, etc. Since 2015, I have been apprenticing with my father, Master Distiller and International Consultant Hubert Germain-Robin, absorbing information and learning from his knowledge of distilled spirits. I hope this message finds you in good 'Spirits'. If you or know anybody who is perhaps looking for an Assistant Distiller please pass this message along. My resume is attached in this email. Thank you for your time! Sincerely, ~ Raphaël Germain-Robin Raphael Germain-Robin Resume.pdf Day+to+Day+Life+in+a+Craft+Distillery.pdf
  21. TTB is coming to town...

    Hi Salish Sea, Wow! I'm sorry to hear about you bad luck. I have no idea how the TTB decides whom and when to audit. Perhaps you live close to a field officer?? When they do visit, please ask them what prompted a second audit in such a short period and post that here so we all know. Your luck reminds me of when I was called for jury duty 7 years in a row. Eventually, it all averages out, but only if you live long enough! Better luck to you,
  22. Mail Order retail sales

    Good thinking! We'll definitely add it to the agenda. As a reminder, the next meeting is on Feb 16th, from 6:00 to 9:00 at Copperworks Distilling Co. (1250 Alaskan Way. The corner of Alaskan and University St.) See you there!
  23. WDG members have stated that filing Federal and State reports is one of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of their job. In response, we've conducted a series of classes to help answer your questions from qualified instructors. The third class in the series is the Distilled Spirits Compliance Seminar being offered on March 9, 2016 at Seattle Central College. (Learn more on their web site, here.) In preparation for the class, we'd like to present the instructor a list of topics you would like covered. So please respond to this posting with anything you'd like the instructor to cover and any specific questions you'd like answered. We'll be sure to pass these on to Seattle Central College in time for the instructor to include them in the class. The deadline for submitting your ideas is Feb 15, 2016. I look forward to seeing you in class!
  24. I recently received the following email from Seattle Central College with their attached course catalog. One of these courses was specifically created at the Guild's request--the Distilled Spirits Compliance Seminar. Feel free to post here or contact the college directly with any questions. ----------------------- Greetings! Seattle Central College’s Craft Distilling Institute is offering a few classes during our Winter Quarter that we thought may be of interest to you and your organization. Here’s what we have on deck: Distillery Business Plan Development – One-day workshop; Saturday, 2/13/16, 9am – 5pm Merchant Bottling & Labeling – One-day workshop; Saturday, 2/20/16, 9am – 5pm Distilled Spirits Compliance Seminar – One-day seminar; Wednesday 3/9/16, 9am – 5pm Also, our next Fundamentals of Distilling 3-day workshop begins this Spring – Wednesday 4/20/16 – 4/22/16, 8am – 4pm. This is an excellent class for any of your non-technical staff (sales, marketing, admin, etc.) that would like to have a better understanding of the distilling process. Participants are also eligible to sit for the IBD examination on the Fundamentals of Distilling. ------------------- I hope to see you in school! Seattle Central College Winter 2016 Distilling Course Catalog.pdf
  25. Mail Order retail sales

    Hi Charles, I just left you a PM on this. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.