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  1. Hydrometer selection quick reference chart.

    Very cool! Thank you!
  2. A little about Artisan Craft Distilling Insitute

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting involved in the distilled spirits industry (or requiring a refresher). Allan and his team have done an amazing job of jumpstarting an entire generation of craft distillers throughout the United States, and in particular Washington State. You will not be disappointed with the quality and information of this week-long workshop.
  3. Possible Tacoma Distillery Location Offered

    Yes, Tacoma is an undiscovered gem that I have been attempting to unearth for the past 8 years. The Stadium District is definitely a very cool area in the City of Destiny.
  4. Raphaël Germain-Robin seeking employment

    Help me raise money to open a whiskey and brandy house in Tacoma and we will distill together!
  5. Forum Guidelines and Rules of Engagement

  6. Square

    Go to Click Create Tax Create your tax calculation for your bottle cost with an additional tax calculation for the Liter cost (example: If you spirit is $20 for 750mL you would add the 20.5% (or is it 17%?) + $3.7708 per Liter ($2.83 for 750ml) for the Liter tax for a total of $26.93. Square should show you these two breakout taxes). Enable Tax on Save
  7. "It’s a little-known fact, but you don’t actually need a still to call yourself a distiller. The vodka makers I visited had adopted a simple and surprisingly common business model: buy a large quantity of potable alcohol from an industrial supplier (one vendor of neutral spirits offers it “in drum, truckload and railcar quantities”), run it through a tall charcoal filter to remove any trace impurities, cut it with water, decant it into bottles, and then slap on a label touting it as a local craft product worthy of its premium price."
  8. LCB Store Auction Begins Today

    By the Numbers • Total sum of individual bids $30.75 million • High all-store bid $4.6 million (will not count) • Registered bidders 551 • Total number of bids 14,627 • Single stores to individuals 93 • Multiple stores to individuals 28 • Lowest winning bid $49,600 for Store 186 in Spokane (Division street) • Highest winning bid $750,100 for Store 122 in Tacoma (72nd and Pacific) • Increase in bids on final day $23.7 million
  9. What Other States Are Doing

    State cuts microbrewery fees 
to help build craft beer industry
  10. 1183 Passed
  11. 1183 Passed
  12. 1183 Passed

    Unions sue to block liquor initiative from taking effect | Seattle Times Newspaper
  13. 1183 Passed

    Spirits may run low as a result of I-1183 - Local News - Seattle, WA -
  14. I-1183 Details

    Spirits may run low as a result of I-1183 - Local News - Seattle, WA -
  15. November 13 Guild Meeting

    Dues: I see great value in modeling the fee structure based upon the Oregon Distillers' Guild. Here is what they do. Voting members - DSP or manufacturer registered in State, $250 a year. Associate members - Industry trade affiliated with industry but no DSP or manufacturer, $500 a year. Enthusiast members - People who are excited about craft alcohol, $25 a year (includes: T-Shirt, shot glass, special perks at local distilleries). Restaurant members - Restaurants who support craft spirits, $25 a year.