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  1. A new consumer education resource for local craft distilleries

    Well, the reply from "know where it's made," and their "updating" their website FAQ still is a far cry from any transparency. I say give them the boot. If they are afraid to acknowledge who they are, then the organization isn't worth putting time into.
  2. Business and alcohol beverage laws effective July 2015

    Thank you.
  3. 2SSB5353 Update! !

    Nice work. However, selling at a farmer's market without sampling is pure stupidity. Who in their right mind is going to buy a product new/unknown to them without at least tasting it first? I wish the WA legislature would come out of the prohibition mindset.
  4. Hi Marc,

    Could you kindly clarify please, what tax dues should be paid by a Distiller while selling (750 ml 80 proof vodka) directly to retail stores in Washington state?

    As a Distributor should pay State Excise tax how the Distributor's tax portion will be calculated for a self-distribution scenario?

    And what does it mean $35.22 $ per gallon WA State Spirit Exci...

  5. Tasting privileges for non-craft distilleries! When will it happen?!

    Thanks for the update.
  6. Tasting privileges for non-craft distilleries! When will it happen?!

    I hate to ask again, but any news?
  7. Marc, are you planning on being a vendor at the ADI conference? It would be great to meet you in person.

  8. Bond Obligee

    Obligee is the TTB. Make sure your surety is issued from one of the TTB's approved sureties.
  9. Tasting privileges for non-craft distilleries! When will it happen?!

    Since the Senate and House bills are so similar, does it now need to go to a conference committee and final vote by both houses?
  10. Tasting privileges for non-craft distilleries! When will it happen?!

    I guess Representatives Green (Lakewood, Tacoma, Ft. Lewis), Kagi (Shoreline, Mount Lake Terrace, Lynnwood), Klippert (Richland, Kennewick), and Van De Wege (Port Angelis, Forks) won't be getting my endorsement!
  11. ADI Conference in Seattle

    Any word yet? I haven't heard from ADI. I guess ADI is too busy to answer emails.
  12. ADI Conference in Seattle

    Help me understand. The only thing I want to do is go to the Vendor Exhibition portion of the conference; and for that I have to purchase a $500.00 event admission? I'm asking here because I want to understand and because ADI hasn't replied to my inquiry.
  13. spirits stored in barrels

    That's just asinine on the part of the city. Rant over.
  14. TTB compliant Locks

    We use Abus padlocks. They were the only ones I could find that met the specifications.