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  1. Hi Everyone, The WDG Board will not be meeting tomorrow. As you know, these meetings have a required attendance for the board, but are always open to the general membership too. Since we had announced a meeting tomorrow at Copper Works, we just wanted to make sure you didn't show up for a meeting that wasn't going to happen! But, if you haven't already marked the general membership meeting on your calendar for next month, please do so now as we'll be meeting at Batch 206 on February 21st at 6pm. Also, note that we'll be sending out the meeting schedule for the rest of the year soon. Since it worked fairly well, I'm thinking we'll probably stick to a similar schedule as last year. Regards, Steven Stone WDG President
  2. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    You should have access now. BTW, do you want me to delete your old "Tyler Pederson" account?
  3. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Alex, you should have access now.

    Jason Parker has done a fantastic job as President of the WDG this last year. I nominate him to continue as President for 2016.
  5. 2SSB5353 Update! !

    Great news and great effort! Congratulation everyone, the more freedoms we have in the marketplace the better! Let's build on this year by year.
  6. January 9th Guild Meeting

    This meeting was last January. There is no guild meeting planned for this week. The new officers will be sending notice of the next meeting date soon.
  7. Careful here everyone. This law is in place to protect us from pay to play games that might otherwise be taking place in the market. If bars/restaurants/retailers could take value in advertising from us (read that as $), how quickly might that get turned around to where getting on the shelf would mean you were REQUIRED to give them a pay out (slotting fee). Obviously, big corporations with larger advertising budgets could conceivably lock us out of markets. But, it's not impossible to have our cake and eat it too. Maybe we could make a change that allowed for social media to be used only by Washington based distilleries. :)
  8. Yes, it is my understanding that we're not allowed to advertise for on or off premise liquor licensees. The LCB considers the use of social media in this way as advertising.
  10. The long link below leads to a posting about a possible FDA ruling that would affect those off us sending spent grains to farms for animal feed. Comments are being sought. Please do so ASAP.
  11. ADI Conference in Seattle

    Yes, I've been told a discounted ticket will be made available to us. Stay tuned.
  12. ADI Conference in Seattle

    I'll see what I can find out and get back to you.
  13. Greetings from Lacey!

    Welcome Sam!
  14. January 9th Guild Meeting

    We continue to alternate between Sundays and Thursdays for our monthly meetings. The next one up is next Thursday January 9th at Westland Distillery. Westland Distillery 2931 First Ave S Seattle, WA 98134 (206) 767-7250 7:30pm - Open to the public
  15. Can't view the Members-Only Section?

    Hi Dave, you should have access now.